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2016 Cadillac Escalade Receives New Car Protection

One of the best things to consider after you purchase a new or used vehicle is what type protection you want to add to this brand new investment. In this case, the customer bought a brand new Cadillac Escalade and wanted Jay’s Detail pamper it with our new car protection package. With no miles on it he brought it over to go over options such as Paint Protection Film & our Exclusive CQuartz Ceramic Paint Coating Treatment.   We decided to go with the New Car Protection Package on this Escalade. This includes paint polishing, CQuartz Ceramic Coating & Paint Protection Film (Clear Bra).

We start with a delicate wash to remove any waxes or silicones that will cause issues with bonding on the coating and paint protection film.

Cadillac Escalade wash

Upon further inspection we noticed some sanding marks in the hood after removing the silver cover at the end of the hood.

Cadillac Escalade

Sanding marks are removed & the hood is polished to a mirror finish. Now we can start with the Paint Protection Film install.

Cadillac Escalade

We opted to bulk install this hood to allow for seamless coverage.!

To read more about Paint Protection Film brands and what it can do for your vehicle.  Check out the Paint Protection Film page.

Cadillac Escalade Clear Bra

Bumper section being applied.

Cadillac Escalade Clear Bra

Full Fenders getting applied have an additional over hang of .5″ to wrap the exposed edges in so you don’t see the film.

Cadillac Escalade Clear Bra

The one thing we noticed is the rear tail lights on this Escalade are big & look expensive.  So we decided to film them for added security.  They don’t currently make a kit for these tail lights so we decided to make our own custom kit!

Cadillac Escalade Clear Bra

IR curing to help harden the CQuartz Paint Coating which gets applied to all the paint, glass, trim & clear bra.

Cadillac Escalade IR

Now this Gorgeous Escalade can roam the streets knowing its protected against the elements.

Cadillac Escalade



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Cadillac Escalade New Car Protection


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