2016 Mazda MX-5 gets Clear Bra

With the amount of construction work thats been going on in San Antonio for the past couple years were starting to see more and more gravel trucks on the road.  We have all seen that one truck dropping little rocks on 281 or 410 and just a little bit behind it theres a sports car getting dinged up like crazy.  This 2016 Mazda was purchased and picked up ready to hit the road.  The decision was made to go ahead and apply paint protection film (Clear Bra) to the full hood, fenders, bumper, mirrors & A-Pillars. We set a tentative date & even though the car was new in the few days it was on the road it managed to get 2 small chips in the hood area.  So as soon as the client noticed this we rushed to get the job completed to prevent further damage.

We started with a nice citrus wash to clean any waxes or silicones off the paint before prepping the paint for film. I wanted to start with the A pillars & roof top where i feel the car would get hit. Considering its low center of gravity.Miata A pillar Xpel

This piece goes up the A pillars and covers the paint that in front of the canvas top.

Miata Roof Xpel Film

The mirrors were completed next.

Miata Mirrors Xpel

On to the full hood application of Clear Bra.

Mazda Miata Hood Xpel
Mazda Miata Hood Xpel 2

Here are some install process pics.

Mazda Miata Hood Xpel 3
Mazda Miata Hood Xpel 4

We will let that sit for a couple hours to dry the edges out and move on to the full fender application.

Mazda Miata Fender xpel
Mazda Miata Fender xpel 2

The overhang of film above the wheel arch will be wrapped inside for a seamless install so you can’t see there is actually film on the car.

With any of our full clip custom applications we offer complimentary headlight protection film to help prevent road rash, debris and minimize rock impacts these expensive headlights.

Mazda Miata Headlight clear bra

the bumper was the final piece we needed to install.

Mazda Miata bumper xpel
Mazda Miata bumper xpel

Finally here it is all buttoned up and ready for delivery.   The film install is clean, the edges are wrapped and we went ahead and cleaned the wheels, added a silica sealant to the paint for protection. The following day we took it outside for some sun pics.

Mazda Miata xpel

This Mazda MX-5 is ready to drive through the city with out worrying about damaging this brand new beautiful pearl red paint.   This paint protection film carries a 10 year warranty though the MFG against defects.  Like always we offer a no questions asked guarantee on all work.  So this client is well aware of if anything happens we will be there to assist in any way.

Another thing to mention is it takes a lot of time to consider what the wants and needs are for clients with certain specific cars.  Some cars are more prone to damage over others.  So we like to brainstorm w customers so that both parties are equally happy with the out come.  Its little details like this that make the biggest difference in any paint protection film install.

Here are the photos we shot the day of delivery.

Mazda Miata
Mazda Miata


Mazda Miata

Thanks for reading, if you or anyone you know is interested in our paint protection film options.  We have a variety of different options for every car that we cut in house specific to each clients needs.  Our Paint Protection film page can be viewed HERE

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