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3M Ceramic Window Tint Makes This Dodge Charger Stand Out

Few cars are as eye grabbing as a Dodge Charger dressed out in Mango Orange. This one came to us to put some additional pop into that paint job and finish off the glass wit 3M Ceramic Window Tint. The first thing we needed to do was give this car a decontamination bath to get it ready for paint correction.

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The next two pictures show you the before and after of the paint correction step. As you can see, before we started the paint had hazing and micro-scratching throughout the panel. The next picture shows the panel after correction looking completely flawless.

3M Ceramic Window Tint - Automotive Window Tinting in San Antonio, Texas 5

Before Paint Correction

After Paint Correction

Once the paint correction was completed, we applied 3M Ceramic Tint all the side and rear windows. We also applied 3M Crystalline Window Film to the windshield. This product not only looks great, it performs! 3M’s unique technology helps block a significant amount of heat from making its way into the vehicle. It also blocks the UV rays from damaging your skin or the vehicle interior.

We also installed some custom tail light overlays to give this vehicle a cleaner and more purposeful look.

We finished it up with a healthy dose of our professional grade ceramic coating on the paint, wheels, and exterior glass. This will help keep this car looking as great long term as it did when we finished. Just take a look at the final result. Stunning is the only word that comes to mind.

We hope that you enjoyed this profile of this Go Mango Dodge Charger getting 3M Ceramic Window Tint, paint correction and professional paint coating. There is a difference in the quality of work being done. When you want the very best value for your money, contact Jay’s Detail Studio the following ways. Call (210) 863-1633 or email us at jaysdetail@gmail.com for your car detailing, paint protection, paint coating and window tinting needs in the San Antonio, Texas area. You can aldo fill out the form below to arrange a quote for your particular vehicle from Jay’s.

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