3M Crystalline Window Film and CQFinest Reserve Upgrade Mercedes SL

We love helping people fall back in love with their vehicles. This Mercedes SL500 came in to get 3M Crystalline Window Film on all windows, a full paint correction and CQuartz Finest Reserve ceramic paint coating and a full interior detail. These upgrades are not only going to make the car look great again, they are going to improve the comfort and make the vehicle a much more enjoyable place to be.

In order to correct the paint, the first step is a decontamination bath to remove any surface contaminants before we begin making it look great.

We completely clean the vehicle before we begin with the correction. Here we are giving a deep clean to the wheels with our new product partner Shine Supply.

3M Crystalline Window Film and CQFinest Reserve Upgrade Mercedes SL 4

Our next step is to install the 3M Crystalline Window Film. This client chose a 70% film on all windows. This will only slightly darken the windows, but will provide significant heat rejection and some glare reduction.

Now, we move onto the process of removing swirl marks, paint defects and light scratching from the painted surface. We use special lighting to be able to see defects often not even visible in regular lighting so that we can really correct the surface to a high level. After the surface is looking as good as possible, we thoroughly coat all painted surfaces with CQuartz Finest Reserve ceramic paint coating. This coating will protect the surface from environmental contaminants as well as make the vehicle much easier to keep clean.

3M Crystalline Window Film and CQFinest Reserve Upgrade Mercedes SL 2

After application, we need to use special IR lamps to fully cure the CQuartz coating. This hardens the coating and makes it more durable to protect the paint.

3M Crystalline Window Film and CQFinest Reserve Upgrade Mercedes SL 3

Just look at the finished product. This car is back to turning heads and giving the owner that “new car feeling” again.

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