Alfa Romeo 4C's Beauty Shines Through with Cquartz Professional

Alfa Romeo 4C’s Beauty Shines Through with Cquartz Professional

You know that girl that went to your high school that everyone thought was ok looking, but she did very little to show it off? Maybe she was a tom boy or just did not wear flattering clothing. Then came the night of prom and all the guys were blown away! They could not believe how gorgeous the girl they paid little attention to had become. Well, that is kind of how this Alfa Romeo 4c was. It is clearly a very nice looking car, but it had some paint issues that were keeping it from looking it’s best. We took the time to correct the paint and then coat the entire car with Cquartz Professional, and we were blown away by how great this car turned out. Take a look below at the pictures of this car as we completed the process.

The first step is to remove any paint imperfections with a thorough paint correction. Even if these scratches are difficult to see outside, they become glaringly obvious under the lights in the shop we use to scrutinize a paint surface.

Alfa Romeo 4C's Beauty Shines Through with Cquartz Professional 17

Alfa Romeo 4C's Beauty Shines Through with Cquartz Professional 18

We get to work buffing out each imperfection until the paint surface is as flawless as it can be.

Alfa Romeo 4C's Beauty Shines Through with Cquartz Professional 16

Now that we have a near flawless finish, we need to coat it with Cquartz Professional to keep it looking that way. You can learn much more about Quartz Professional by clicking HERE.

Once the Quartz Professional is applied, it needs to be cured under ir heat lamps. This ensures the coating is completely bonded to your car and ready to protect the surface for years to come.

They say a picture says 1000 words and we agree. Just look at this car now. The paint glows and really shows off the curves of this Italian masterpiece!

So, when you want to bring out the true beauty in whatever you drive, trust the pros at Jay’s Detail. Whether you have an daily driver, exotic car, trick or SUV, we can help protect and preserve your investment and keep it looking like something your are proud to be behind the wheel of. There is a significant difference between discount work offered by others and the quality products and craftsmanship you will find at Jay’s Detail. For more information, click HERE and then call the pros at Jay’s Detail at 210-863-1633. You can also email us at for your new car prep, paint correcting, paint protection, paint coating and window tinting needs.

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