New Car Protection Package

Audi S4 gets New Car Protection Package.

Protecting a newly purchased vehicle shouldn’t be overwhelming with brands of clear film, tint, coatings, prices etc.   We solve those issues by offering only the best products offered in the industry combined with world-class support.  In this case a customer purchased a 2014 Audi S4 in Misano Red Pearl. To protect this vehicle to its fullest, we chose to paint correct the paint to remove moderate scratches in the paint, which brings out the pearl in the paint and give a nice rich deep appearance. We will do a custom install on some Paint Protection Film, to protect the front from bugs, rock chips and road debris.  Finally we will top it off with our Exclusive Ceramic Paint Coating CQuartz Finest in our New Car Protection Package.

The New Car Protection Package starts with a decontamination wash to remove grime, existing wax and  build up.  This creates the foundation for prepping the surface for clear film and polishing.

Audi S4

The wheels get a deep cleaning.

Audi S4 Wheel Cleaning

The illustration below shows the condition of the paint before the correction process.

Audi S4 Correction

After a couple of passes with some compound we have a nice defect free finish.

Audi S4 trunk

The rest of the vehicle will receive the same polishing treatment.

Audi S4 doors before

After shots shown under intense LED lighting.Audi S4 door after

We start the clear bra process. These kits are custom kit in-house with one of our plotters.  We can custom cut anything at anytime.

Audi S4 Clear Bra

The emblems on the fenders are removed for a real seamless install.  We go the extra step to make sure every one of our installs are near perfect every time!

Audi S4 de badge

Full fenders getting applied.

Jays Detail is San Antonios number one installer of all brands of Paint Protection Film.  To learn more about clear films and how they can protect your paint check out our Paint Protection Film Page.

Audi S4 Fender PPF

Full hood getting applied in one big sheet custom fitted and formed to your exact vehicle.

Audi S4 Full Hood Clear Bra

Finally were ready to coat the entire car including the paint, glass endpoint protection film.  With our EXCLUSIVE coating CQuartz Finest.

CQuartz FINEST is the most exclusive surface protection in the world available to only selected detailers,  Finest was designed specifically for those with discerning tastes for its exceedingly rich & glossy finish as well as its ability to resist the elements and protect like no other.

Audi S4 CQuartz Finest

Finally some finished photos.  This car has been corrected and polished, Filmed with our Paint Protection Film then coated with CQuartz Finest.  The end result speaks for itself.

Audi S4 Finished.

Audi S4 Complete

If you or anyone you know is in the market for a new or used vehicle.  Feel free to share this write up,  to inform them of their options on preserving their finish for years to come with services at Jays Detail. Audi S4 Finished

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