Professional Automotive Ceramic Coating Makes Dodge Challenger Pop!

I have to admit, the first thing I thought of when I saw this paint was a Charms Brand Sucker like the one pictured here. I always remember how these suckers had that really deep, candy look to them. The paint job on this Dodge Challenger looks the same (at least to me). This one just needed a little tic to really add back the depth and shine that this paint job was capable of delivering. The plan was to give this car our signature multi-step paint correction followed by a full professional automotive ceramic coating. This coating will be applied not only to the painted surfaces of the body, but also the wheels and glass. To finalize the look of this stunning car, we will install a 3M Ceramic IR Window Tint in a 25% shade.

Well, what only took a few sentences to write takes a lot of work in the shop. So, let’s get started with a full decontamination foam bath. This step prepares the vehicle finish for the correction phase. It gently removes all surface contamination from the body. This allows us to fully access the condition of the pain under our special lighting and devise a correction plan to optimize the surface.

Professional Automotive Ceramic Coating Makes Dodge Challenger Pop! 2

Once we devise a paint correction plan, we spend a great deal of time meticulously correcting each panel with a multi-step process designed to eliminate the flaws and add depth to the finish. It is only after we feel the finish is as good as possible that we move onto the automotive ceramic coating. This professional automotive ceramic coating harnesses the power of advanced nanotechnology. Once bonded to the surface of your paint, it not only protects the gloss and depth, it actually enhances it! Once cured, it forms a dense, durable coating that protects the paint for years to come!

Professional Automotive Ceramic Coating Makes Dodge Challenger Pop! 3

No, we move onto the window tinting using 3M Ceramic IR Automotive Tint. Not only does this tint make the car look great, it provides the following benefits:

    • Great infrared heat reduction due to this absorptive nano-ceramic technology.
    • High total solar energy rejected for greater thermal comfort. Reduces the feel of sun on the skin.
    • No electronic or mobile phone interference, including 5G, with a metal free design
    • Low visible light reflectivity value and no mirror-like appearance to disrupt your view out

Check out these pics of when it was complete. Now, we don’t recommend licking the paint like you would a sucker, but it sure does look like those tasty treats we remember.

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