Honda Civic Type R Gets Automotive Protection and Preservation - Automotive Paint Protection and Paint Coating in San Antonio and Austin, Texas 10

Honda Civic Type R Gets Automotive Protection and Preservation

This isn’t your uncle’s Honda Civic! The new 2019 Civic Type R is quite an impressive vehicle. With its eye popping design, use of carbon fiber and hearty 306 horsepower under the hood, this pocket rocket is sure to turn heads. This car was showered in awards like Car and Driver’s 2018 10 Best Cars and Automobile Magazine’s All Star Award. Follow along as we treat this car to some automotive protection and preservation.

However, even though this vehicle is supremely capable, that doesn’t mean that the team at Jay’s Detail Studio cannot enhance it with our automotive correction, protection and preservation services. The first step, as always is a decontamination foam bath. This is designed to get rid of all loose contaminants on the paint and allow us to really see what needs to be done with the vehicle finish.

Once we get the vehicle finish completely decontaminated, we can assess the condition and what needs to be done to get it looking the best that it can. As you can see from the picture below, under our shop lighting you can detect micro-scratching that needs corrected before we move onto the protection step.

Before Correction

Honda Civic Type R Gets Automotive Protection and Preservation - Automotive Paint Protection and Paint Coating in San Antonio and Austin, Texas

After Correction

The next step was to install 3M Crystalline Window Film on the windshield. This innovative, high tech film is nearly undetectable on the glass, but blocks up to 60% of the heat from entering the vehicle.

Now, we move onto custom application of a carbon fiber vinyl to compliment the vehicle’s existing carbon accents.

The finished product gives this already head turning car even more visual appeal.

Now, it is time to move onto the paint protection phase. We installed paint protection film that was custom done specifically for this vehicle. This is not your garden variety kit installation. This is our signature install that is bespoke specific to your particular vehicle.

This shows the full custom installation for the driver’s door. We do not install around things like door handles. We remove them, install completely and then re-install the handles so that you have full protection that is nearly undetectable.

While the wheels were off for the paint protection install, we fully coated the wheels and barrels as well as the brake calipers with ceramic paint coating. This not only makes them look better, it will make them much easier to keep clean.

Finally, we move onto a full paint coating with Gtechniq CS Black. This paint coating is applied to all exterior painted surfaces and the cured under our IR lights to cure the coating and give you a tough layer of protection. This is professionally applied and cured and is a much higher level of protection than other competitive “ceramic coatings”.

I will let the after pictures speak for themselves. Check out how great this car looks and it is comforting for the owner to know that it is also fully protected to stay looking this great.

It was our pleasure to work on this Civic Type R. We really enjoy taking great cars and making them even better with our automotive protection and preservation services.

There is a large difference between discount work and quality craftsmanship when it comes to these products. Jay’s Detail Studio in San Antonio pays attention to all of the details in order to give you a superior result every time. Whether it is several of our services combined like we did here, or just one of the many other services we offer, give us a call. Remember, when you want the very best, call the pros at Jay’s Detail at 210-863-1633 or email us at for your car detailing, paint protection, paint coating, window tinting and automotive protection needs.

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