This article in the Times Square Chronicles details automotive window tint benefits that go beyond just improving looks.

Benefits of Automotive Tint

Sure, tinting a vehicle may make it look sleek and turn some heads while you’re out and about. But did you know there’s more to automotive tint than style? Here we summarize an article that first appeared in the Times Square Chronicles about 5 automotive window tint benefits beyond looks. Let’s check out all the other benefits!

5 Automotive Window Tint Benefits Beyond Looks
  • Window Tinting Near Me in the San Antonio, Texas Area -Two Critical Components Of A Quality Automotive Window Tint InstallationAdded Privacy and Increased Security– Window tint comes in a variety of light transmissions, but one benefit of darker films is added privacy. Someone might be able to make out some details, but window film often obscures the view to those on the outside trying to see in. This also can assist in increasing the security of items in your vehicle. As the article states, tint “provides the safety from the thieves looking for robbing the vehicles. It prevents them to see your belongings in the parking lot and other areas where car stays for the longer time.
  • Reduces UV Exposure of Vehicle Occupants – The article mentions the variety of negative things attributed to excessive exposure to UV by saying, “UV rays can damage your skin and increases the chances of skin cancer. It can also lead to the myriad of health problem such as sunburn, premature aging, damage to skin, suppression of immune system, etc.The Skin Cancer Foundation notes the positive benefits associated with window films in this area in their article A Surprising Danger in Planes, Trains and Automobiles. In addition, blocking the UV can “help to prevent your car’s interior from getting warped, faded or cracked by blocking the UV rays from entering.
  • Improved Safety From Shattered Glass – When window film is applied, it’s lamination often serves to keep the glass from shattering and injuring passengers in the event of a breakage.
  • Improved Interior Comfort – Modern window films are for so much more than just vehicle appearance. One major improvement in films has been their ability to reject heat from passing through the glass. As the article mentions, “With the proper window tint, you may reduce the heat inside your car during the scorching summer months by as much as 60%.” This reduction of excessive heat will help you to keep the interior temperature at a more comfortable level on even the really hot days.
  • Increased Gas Mileage – When a vehicle’s air conditioning is operating it often has the effect of adding extra load to the motor. This often translates into a slight reduction in fuel economy when using the AC versus when it is off. From our point above, if the heat entering the vehicle is reduced significantly, the need for AC to keep the interior comfortable will be reduced. Using your AC less can have a positive effect on your fuel economy.

It should be noted that laws regarding window tint vary. To educate yourself on the automotive tint laws in your area, check out the handy directory located HERE.

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