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CNET Discusses Avoiding an Automotive Window Tint Nightmare

No one wants to have a bad automotive window tint job. While most people do not understand all that goes into a good tint job, we all know what a bad one looks like. Recently Brian Cooley from CNET Road Show decided to look into what it takes to avoid an automotive window tinting nightmare. In the article, Brian discusses things to look for to make sure your vehicle gets an great tint job. We wanted to share the top six things mentioned in his article and share some information specifically about Jay’s Detail Studio with regard to each point.

Tips On What To Look For In An Automotive Window Tint Installation Shop

  • Window Tinting Near Me in the San Antonio, Texas AreaLook For Clean – Automotive window tint starts and ends with cleanliness. Any dust floating around the installation area will end up permanently stuck between the film and the glass. At jay’s we take great care to keep an extremely clean work area to avoid dust or dirt in our installations.
  • Get a Guarantee – A lifetime warranty for the original purchaser on the film and the installation should not be out of the question. At Jay’s we only use top products from reputable manufacturers. Most of them come with a manufacturer’s lifetime warranty. (Ask for Details)
  • Look at References – Check out reviews or have the shop show you a car they have done. At Jay’s we are proud of all work that goes out our doors and would be happy to show you any window tint projects we have onsite when you visit.
  • Don’t Sweat the Wet – Know that the inside of your car is going to get a little bit wet in the process. This is nothing to worry about. At Jay’s we are experts in both installation practices as well as the individual aspects of the vehicles we work on. We will only use enough water to accomplish the installation and fully protect your car in the process.
  • Let it Cure – It will be anywhere from a couple of days to a week depending on weather and temperature for window tint to fully cure to the glass. For this reason, we ask that you wait before you put the windows down. You may even see some abnormalities or small things that look like bubbles over these days. New tint needs to breathe out all the moisture it was applied with and most of this will cure out over the first few days.
  • Clean it Carefully – Tint is applied on the inside of glass. Once tinted, clean the tinted surfaces with a non-ammonia glass cleaner so you don’t break down the film’s adhesive layer or scratch resistant coating. At Jay’s we can advise you on the proper cleaning technique for tinted windows.

If you would like to read Brian’s entire article at CNET, click HERE.

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