BMW M3 Gets Paint Protection Film, Paint Coating and Window Tint

BMW M3 Gets Paint Protection Film, Paint Coating & Window Tint

A BMW M3 is the combination of luxury, performance and precision. The owner of this beauty wanted to enhance the luxury by making the car more comfortable and improve the performance by protecting and preserving the finish. We accomplished this by installing paint protection film and paint coating to protect and preserve the finish and made the car more comfortable and better looking through the use of an advanced window tint.

There are a lot of steps involved in this process and we tried to capture some of the highlights for you in the photos below.

Before we get started, the car is treated to a decontamination wash. This removes all surface impurities and prepares the car for the steps ahead.

Once the vehicle’s surface was decontaminated we could see some blemishes in the finish that would need to be corrected before we could proceed to the paint protection film installation. Here, you can see some scratches, swirls and paint blemishes before we proceeded to correct them. 
After the blemished are corrected.

More blemishes.

Once the blemishes are all removed, it is time to begin installing the paint protection film. We make every effort to cover entire panels in one piece so that there are no seams visible. Here, you can see the entire hood being installed in one piece.
Here we are covering the entire fender. Notice how all emblems and attachments are removed so we can install the film behind them. This assures full coverage as well as making the film virtually disappear on the car as you cannot see any edges.Now, the trunk is completely covered. The tail lamps were even removed to hide any visible edges of material at the back of the car.

Next, we applied Cquartz Finest to all exterior surfaces including the film, wheels calipers. This surface protectant will not only preserve the finish, it will make the the vehicle much easier to wash as the dirt literally rinses right off.
Now, we move to the interior with CQuartz Leather. This will keep the all interior leather surfaces protected.

After the Cquartz is applied, the vehicle spends time under IR lamps to fully cure the coatings.
The final step is the installation of Suntek CIR IR rejecting window film. This window tint will not only make the car look better, it will significantly block the heat from entering the car making the interior much more comfortable.
Check out these after pics! This car now not only looks great, it is protected and preserved so it will stay looking that way.

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