Brand New BMW Gets the Recommended New Car Preservation and Protection

Interested in the way protect and preserve your new vehicle investment, check out the new car preservation and protection service we completed on this BMW.

When you buy a new or used car the one thing that’s recommended is you want to do what you can to take very good care of that car.  There are a number of things you can start with, from doing a nice polish job and sealant.  Or you can coat the car for maximum durability.  You can apply a high heat rejecting window film High in UV blockage & Total Solar Energy Rejection (TSER).  There are also methods to prevent damage like rock chips, road bugs from eating through the paint.  All can be done with an application of any type of Paint Protection Film (Clear Bra).  This client came in for ideas on what he can do.  We went over polishing what was required versus what was needed.  We covered Window Film options, hues, heat rejection rate, warranty,  Ceramic CQuartz Coatings & Paint Protection Film coverage.  These consultations take a couple of hours to do.  So we came to an agreement & no expenses were spared taking care of this brand new BMW M3 in Silverstone Metallic.   Were going to start with the decontamination wash, then we will polish to remove defects in this paint to prep the vehicle for Pain Protection Film & finally apply our Exclusive coating C.Quartz Finest.  The Windows will receive our Prestige Film Technologies Spectra Photosync.

We start with the most important part of the service which is the decontamination wash.  Which will clean and strip the paint of all waxes, sealants and remove embedded iron for a proper bond for the film and quartz.

BMW M3 wash

once completed the wheels get a Ph balanced wheel cleaner by Adams Car Care this safely removed brake dust w out damaging the wheels.

BMW M3 wheel

The last step in decontaminating the paint is using a clay bar to remove some of the boded contamination, luckily there was none.  So we proceeded to do a polish to remove some defects and bring out a high gloss in this finish.  We started with the Clear Bra first. We made sure to make it a point to add a protection film to this roof being real carbon fiber.  Adding paint protection film to delicate pieces can save a bunch of money is anything were to hit it.

BMW M3 roof ppt
BMW M3 roof after

In the image above the roof can be seen applied.  We are finishing up the install process making sure there’s not any moisture before moving on to the next section.

In the design system there is no option for a full hood on a 2015 BMW M3.  So we opted to make one ourselves.  This is one bulk piece of film applied to the hood that we will custom cut to fit the hood then wrap all the edges of the film for a seamless install.

bmw m3 bulk hood

Here it is tacked down, the edges are drying and its trimmed w about 2 inches of excess.

bmw m3 hood wrap

So as those edges dry we move on to the bumper. Made some adjustments to the kit on the bumper to allow a little more film to fit around the grills of the front.  So we removed these grills for a little easier of an install.

bmw grill
BMW bumper

Here is the process of the bumper install.  The only thing i didn’t get to remove was the top BMW logo, the kit fit very good around that piece that we didn’t need to.  If you look closely the tow hook cover  has been removed we will wrap the film in that hole so you don’t see the circle cut out.

When the bumper was all finished up we applied the same type of paint protection film to the headlight & we now start the fender.  Originally the fender is one piece with options to wrap into the wells. at the top.  It cuts around the side vent and around the black trim that goes toward the door.  I decided this wasn’t going to be seamless enough for me.  So i went a different route w the fenders.

We first started with pulling the side plastic piece.

bmw trim removal

pulled the plastic clip and plastic vent as well.

bmw trim

the film was applied to both sides in the same manner..

To get a quote on your vehicle you can contact us today!

bmw fender

we wrapped the edges .5″ to make sure there wasn’t any edges visible at all.

bmw fender after

what we did here was fit all the film over the holes.  Then cut those holes out and re applied all the plastic trim pieces. Instead of the kit going around all this.  I felt it looks way cleaner this way.  It takes a lot more time to do but since this was more of a custom install it was worth it in the end. take a look at the fender afterbmw fender finished

After all the film was complete, the windows were tinted with our Spectra Photosync. (didn’t get any pics sorry).  We pulled the wheels real quick and gave them a nice coat of some C.Quartz.

bmws wheel UK

Now the paint will receive some CQuartz Finest.

bmw cqfiinest

After it was all buttoned it was set for the night i took one shot before leaving for the day for it to cure over night.


The following day we made sure all the film was ok, looked over the tint, torqued down the wheels and took it back to the customer.  Here are some finished pics we managed to get while we were down town in  San Antonio .

Notice how that carbon fiber is glossier now than what it was.  Now protected with over 8 Mils of protection film & a 10 year warranty.  Cquartz Finest for added depth, gloss and hydrophobic abilities to keep it clean.

BMW M3 after
An after shot of the back end.BMW M3-2
Front end pic displaying the precise install of paint protection film!BMW M3-3
BMW M3-4

And one last shot that we took with a M4 we had in our possession at the same time for the same service. More and more BMW owners are heading over to Jays Detail for the best protection money can buy.  We don’t carry over the counter products.  Only the best and most Exclusive car care in San Antonio!


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