C7 ZO6 Receives Clear Bra / Cquartz Finest

The 2015 Chevrolet Corvette ZO6, better known as a Stingray on Steroids.  With Such a low center of gravity 625bhp this thing is a Beast!  On this newly purchased Corvette we go over areas prone to rock chips,  factory defects and ceramic coatings.  We will show how we repair these defects with a paint correction, then protect them with the most leading edge products on the market provided by Xpel Paint Protection Film (Clear Bra) and Car Pro’s CQuartz Finest Ceramic Paint Coating. This customer opted for a full paint protection film wrap from the nose to the rear bumper, on top of that well add our Exclusive Quartz Finest Ceramic Paint Coating.  So lets get started!

So we start with our citrus stripping soap to remove any waxes or sealants.

ZO6 foam bath

Meanwhile the wheels received a cleaning to remove contamination as well.

ZO6 wheel cleaning

Once completed the vehicle was clayed to remove and contamination on the paint.  Which was then inspected for defects.  Some random isolated scratches were obvious paired with light water spotting.

Zo6 scratches
ZO6 Scratches 2

On the rear bumper you can see some light defects that we are going to polish out before applying our paint protection film.

ZO6 rear bumper scratches

After a single polishing pass the defects are less noticeable.

ZO6 bumper finished.

On some of the newer Stingrays you can find random spots of light sanding marks.

ZO6 sanding marks
Once the entire car was polished out we started to remove some of the OEM clear film located on the lower rocker panels.  Since the new film is going to cover up the entire rocker panel.ZO6 film removal
We start applying our paint protection film to the roof first.ZO6 roof clear film.
During the install.  We use a gel type product to help in the squeegee process.ZO6 roof install.

The rear hatch receives one big piece of film!

ZO6 Hatch
ZO6 hatch after

Up next the rear bumper which is applied in 3 pieces.  The outer bumper panels, the middle of the rear bumper and the lower carbon black section.

zo6 rear bumper side.

This film is 8mils thick, it has a self healing top coat and comes with a 10 year warranty!

To get a quote on paint paint protection film, Click here.

ZO6 rear bumper 2
The center section getting installed.
ZO6 rear bumper
The Flag emblem was removed so we can apply the film underneath it for a seamless install.  Subtle things like this make the biggest difference when installing paint protection film.ZO6 emblem removal
The rear lower section of the bumper. ZO6 lower bumper

The lower rocker panels get filmed as well.  These areas are known for getting the most damage from road debris. This rocket panel kit covers the paint all the way under the car.

ZO6 rocker panel
The door gets the same treatment and all the edges get wrapped underneath so you can’t see the edges of the film.ZO6 Door PPF
ZO6 Front Fender film
ZO6 Front Fender after

The paint protection film can also be applied to headlights.

ZO6 headlight ppf
Once we started on the full hood application. We removed the vents in the center grille to be able to wrap the film in to the center section so you don’t se any lines.ZO6 clear bra hood
 The Install is finally complete.  At this moment we are waiting for the excess film to dry so we can wrap the film so you don’t see any edges. ZO6 hood after
The engine bay received some cleaning while the film on the bumper was applied. ZO6 engine bay

Once all the paint protection film was applied.  We coated the film to help add some depth and gloss to the paint protection film while maintaining a hydrophobic barrier to keep t clean.

ZO6 Cquartz Finest

Once the quartz application was complete we finish it up with a IR lamp which will help in the curing process.

ZO6 IR Cure

Finally its out in the sun waiting for pickup.  Of all the types of protecion that are available. Having a car completely wrapped in paint protection film can be costly but will protect the paint far better than anything on the market.  The added protection of CQuartz Finest will help to keep this black swirl free finish looking deep and rich for years to come.  We offer exclusive car services for the car enthusiast that isn’t afraid to protect their investment without compromising quality.

ZO6 finished
ZO6 finished
C7 ZO6
Zo6 Finished

We also made a nice video which showcases our work and continued effort to provide the best results and service in Texas!   Enjoy!

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