Cadillac CTSV gets Multi-stage Correction.

This is the second 2009 Cadillac CTSV that came in for an evaluation on paint correction. The condition of this vehicle was a little rough for its age. The multi-stage paint correction process on this one is going to take some time considering the finish . Our multi-stage correction utilizes proper polishing techniques along with the best polishes/compounds to create a swirl free finish.  This picture below is after our decontamination wash and clay bar treatment.  Out in the sun you can see the swirling which has been cause by improper maintenance.  We will fully correct the paint then give proper maintenance advice so they can keep the vehicle looking good for years to come.

CSTV paint correction

Spider webbing from improper washing/drying techniques along with some buffer trails from someone trying to polish the car.

CSTV paint correction

The rear quarter has some more swirling and cob webbing. CSTV paint correction 3

The trunk was severely oxidized.CSTV paint correction trunk

On our Multi-Stage Correction we will de badge the vehicle to polish some of those hard to reach areas.CSTV paint correction de badge

Drivers door before under our intense LED lighting.CTSV Correction before

Same spot after our first compounding pass. CTSV correction after 2

The rear trunk correction in progress. CTSV badge removal

CTSV trunk correction

Our Multi-stage correction services usually include extensive polishing over 25+ hours from start to finish.  Prices of Paint Correction will depend on difficulty, severity of paint imperfections, and time spent on the vehicle.  This process will result in a flawless finish. 

Here is a little 50/50 shot of the trunk.   CTSV trunk polishing

Tail lights get some paint correction as well.CTSV tail light correction

Here they are finished to a high gloss.CTSV tail light correction

To read a little more on what types of defects we can repair with a Multi-stage correction service. You can check out the Paint Correction Page Here.

Late into the night we have it fall finished up.  Total of 40+ hours of correction and polishing. CTSV Paint Correction

Here are some outside finished shots.  Too bad the sun wasn’t out.
Black CTSV finished

Black CTSV finished

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