Challenger 392 Gets SunTek Clear Bra & CQuartz Professional Coating 14

Challenger 392 Gets SunTek Clear Bra & CQuartz Professional Coating

A Dodge Challenger is a menacing looking car in any color, but this 392 version in Destroyer Grey takes that look to a whole different level. The owner of this beast wanted to get the paint looking as good as it could and keep it that way. We decided on a full paint correction followed by the entire car being wrapped with a custom Suntek paint protection film application. After the paint protection film was complete, the protection was finalized with a complete CQuartz Professional Coating to protect the finish and keep this car looking its very best. That’s a lot of work, so let’s get started. The pictures below give you some highlights of the process.

First, we give the car a deep, decontamination wash to remove anything on the painted surface.

We then use specific lights to identify any paint imperfections that need to be corrected. The picture below is of a panel before correction.

This is the same panel after the correction was completed.

Some more defects that need to be corrected on the rear quarter panels. This was before correction.

Once the panels are all corrected to near perfection, it is time to begin laying down the Suntek full clear bra wrap. Each piece is cut to give full coverage while hiding any seams or edges whenever possible. The goal is to make the paint protection film literally disappear on the car.

Large pieces are used so that entire panels can be covered without any seams.

While the wheels were off for the paint protection film installation, we coated the wheels and calipers with CQuartz DLux to keep them cleaner and make them easier to clean in the future.

Now onto the final step. All painted surfaces received CQuartz Professional Coating.

Once applied, this coating must go through an infra-red curing process.

The results after we were done speak for themselves. Just look at these stunning pictures of this car. Looking great and now protected so it stays that way for many years to come.

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