Car Care Trifecta for C7 Corvette at Jay's Detail 7

2016 Corvette C7 Gets the Car Care Trifecta

Many people dream of the day when they can finally go to the dealer and buy that brand new, red Chevy Corvette. Well, the owner of this beauty was no different. However, now that he was driving his dream, he became concerned about wanting to keep it as fresh and beautiful as the day he drove it off the lot. That is where Jay’s Detail came in. The decision was made to fully protect the front end from damage from rocks, insects and road debris by installing paint protection film on the complete hood and fenders as well as the bumper, headlights, mirrors, etc.

To get started, we fully prep the vehicle by removing any badges. These are removed so that we can install the protective film underneath them and eliminate a seam. They are reinstalled per factory specifications after the installation.


Next came the installation of the custom cut pieces of paint protection film. Each piece is carefully installed to make the film nearly disappear on the vehicle. The goal is to have the protection without anyone even noticing that anything is on the car.

Next, this car had a Ceramic IR window film by Suntek installed. This film not only looks great, but it will reject the heat and protect the interior from sun damage. Finally, we topped the entire project off with a complete wheels off detail followed by a protecting layer with Ceramic Quartz paint coating.

Check out the final result below and we think you will agree that this was a wise investment on such a stunning car.

Car Care Trifecta for C7 Corvette at Jay's Detail 7

If you have finally picked up that car you have been dreaming about and you want to make sure it stays as beautiful as the first time you saw it, call Jay’s Detail at 210-863-1633 or email us at to learn more about the products and protection packages we offer.

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