Chevy Silverado Slathered in Cquartz Professional and Suntek IR Window Film 13

Chevy Silverado Slathered in Cquartz Professional & Suntek IR Window Film

This brand new Chevy Silverado Rally Edition came to us straight from the dealer’s lot to get protected with Cquartz and the windows tinted. We started with a good polishing of the paint to remove any imperfections. Then, we coated the entire exterior surface including the wheels with Cquartz Professional. We continued with Cquartz Forte Extreme Glass Coating on all windows and Cquartz Fabric Coating on the interior. This truck is now ready for whatever this owner may throw at it.

In addition, the owner wanted the truck to have a cooler look on the outside and cooler temperatures on the inside. To accomplish this, we installed Suntek CIR heat rejecting window film. This film not only looks great, but it will keep the interior nice and cool by rejecting the sun’s heat.

Check out the gallery below to see how this truck was made ready for a life on the road here in Texas.

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