Hellcat Gets Custom Paint Protection with Suntek PPF & CQuartz Finest Reserve

Hellcat Gets Custom Paint Protection with Suntek PPF & CQuartz Finest Reserve

Some projects are a labor of love, and this Dodge Hellcat paint protection and paint correction installation is one of them. This car is truly beautiful on the outside and an absolute beast on the inside. You do not see many of them in white and the color really looks great on this car combined with the matte black hood. The owner wanted the leading edge of this car to be protected from rocks, insects and road debris without compromising the contrasting gloss white and matte black paints. To accomplish this, we had to create a custom paint protection package using Suntek Ultra on the gloss surfaces and Suntek Matte on the hood. When that was complete, we were going to treat the entire car to a wheels off application of CQuartz Finest Reserve paint coating on all painted surfaces including the wheels and brake calipers. That’s a lot of work, so let’s get started!

The first thing that we always do is decontaminate the car’s painted surfaces. Even if a car is new, from the time it has left the factory until it was delivered, it spent time being transported and then time on the dealer’s lot. The paint may look clean, but our decontamination process ensures that all embedded contaminants are removed before the paint protection film is installed and the paint coating is applied.

Once the car is decontaminated properly, we can begin applying the custom paint protection we have planned for this car. We custom create kits to provide the most complete coverage possible while hiding unsightly seams. This often involves removing emblems, badges, etc so that we can install the film underneath before we reinstall them for a seamless finish.

Now on to the matte hood. We had to use a special matte paint protection film so that the desired finish would not be lost or changed after the application of the film. If we used a standard paint protection film, the matte would likely have been turned slightly glossy and the owner did not want that.

You can see now that the film is being squeegeed down that the matte finish is retained with this film.

Hellcat Gets Custom Paint Protection with Suntek PPF & CQuartz Finest Reserve 10

Once the custom paint protection kit has been applied and allowed to cure, we begin the installation of the CQuartz Finest Reserve paint coating. This is the finest paint coating available and it is only authorized too be installed by select shops around the World. Jay’s Detail is proud to have been one of the shops to be selected and trained on how to properly install this innovative coating. We applied this to all painted surfaces, including the areas covered by paint protection film, to seal the paint from becoming contaminated and keep the paint looking great for years to come.

Once applied, the CQuartz Finest Reserve must be cured under heat lamps to fully bond to the painted surfaces. This is NOT the garden variety coating they are applying in 30 minutes at the local car washes and detail shops. This is professional grade!

The results speak for themselves. This car now not only looks great, it is protected from damage so that it keeps turning heads long into the future.

Hellcat Gets Custom Paint Protection with Suntek PPF & CQuartz Finest Reserve 6

Hellcat Gets Custom Paint Protection with Suntek PPF & CQuartz Finest Reserve 2

We talk to people all the time that ask what makes Jay’s Detail so good. Simply, it is unparalleled attention to detail combined with using the best products available. We are constantly fine tuning our products and techniques to give our clients the best possible results. There is a significant difference in discount work and the quality, car care craftsmanship you will find at Jay’s Detail. When you want the very best, call the pros at Jay’s Detail at Call 210-863-1633 or email us at jaysdetail@gmail.com for your paint correcting, paint protection, paint coating and window tinting needs.

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