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The Danger of the Discount Car Detailing

We wanted to create a post to illustrate the difference between a professional car detailing and a discount job. Not all detail jobs are created equal and you can actually end up damaging your car by doing something you believe to be taking care of it. The following pictures were taken from a car that was freshly detailed by someone that claimed to be a 20 year detailing veteran. The pictures will speak for themselves.

Damaged 2

Damaged 5


As you can clearly see, this paint is very badly damaged with swirl marks and spider web paint damage. This is often hard to detect when picking up a car as the detailer might use a glaze that temporarily fills these micro-scratches with wax making them hard to see. Then after several washes, the glaze dissipates and the swirls become readily apparent.

Once paint is damaged this significantly, it take hours of work to correct the paint. See the pics below to see the process half done with the corrected area side by side with the damaged areas.

Half Corrected 2

Half Corrected

After eight hours of paint correction, this car is ready to get a proper finish coat of Cquartz so that it can stay looking this great for years to come. Compare these to the damaged pictures above.

Fully Corrected 4

Fully Corrected 3

So, don’t be fooled by a cheap price that may end up costing you a lot more to fix in the long run. The end result was well worth it as this car now looks near new again. One last look for you…


Car Detailing


Fully Corrected 2

Which one would you rather drive? The difference is night and day! If you car looks like the before pictures or you just want to make sure that damage never occurs to your car in the first place, call the pros at Jay’s Detail at 210-863-1633 for your car detailing needs.

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