Dodge Challenger Hellcat receives SunTek Paint Protection film & Cquartz Finest.

This client called in some time ago inquiring about services for his brand new Dodge Hellcat.  This new Dodge is one of the fastest production cars on the market so protecting this 707bhp Challenger was no option.  We went over the options of Paint Protection Film, Window tint & coating options for the glass, wheels and paint.  The Decision was made to cover the entire front end in paint protection film with SunTek Paint Protection Film.   This Paint Protection Film will take the damage of impact from road debris, rocks & bugs.   So at 8am on a drizzling Sunday morning i show up to this.

hell cat tapehell cat tape 2
So after the removal of these 3 types of blue painters tape, we proceeded to wash the vehicle, clay it and pull it into the shop.  After inspecting the paint there were only 2 serious defects located right above the lower plastic panels on the rear quarters which were easily removed.
Hellcat DefectsAfter that we moved on to the install of the SunTek Paint Protection Film.  We started with the full fenders first.
Hellcat Paint Protection Film
Hellcat driver fender paint protection film

After the fenders were finished we moved on to the hood where it received a full piece of paint protection film.

hellcat ppf hoodOnce the film was finished  we moved on to the bumper.

hellcat bumper ppf

the bumper pieces were wrapped on the edges as well.

Hellcat ppf wrapAfter the film was completed.  We moved on to the coating aspect of the detail.  We applied the C Quartz Finest on all the paint, protection film and wheels.

Cquartz Finest BottleThe trim and the plastics got C Quartz Dlux for long term protection.  Dlux is the most advanced plastic restoration coating available.
hellcat dlux trim

All the glass was coated with C Quartz Forte which is an extreme windshield coating with a durability of up to 2 years.  This coating has a semi-permanent durability and long-term resistance to abrasion and chemicals.

ForteThen Finally the windows were tinted with SunTek’s Carbon XP window film.   Which is non metal non carbon window film with superior heat, infrared and UV rejection.   After 2 days worth of work and finishing up some more paint protection film on the roof, a pillars and rocker panels.  This customer is ready for a long journey back home!   Here are the after shots.

Dodge Hellcat taillight
Dodge Hellcat side
Dodge Hellcat 2
Photography courtesy of VP Photography San Antonio.
Dodge Hellcat Front

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