Dodge SRT8 Challenger gets Paint Correction & Cquartz Finest Coating

This customer stopped in at the shop one day to discuss his paint and how it didn’t look as new as he wanted it to.   So after talking to him a bit we set up an appointment & he decided he wanted Paint Correction & a seal.  When he brought the car in he had told me one of his buddies told him about my coating services.  So we changed it to a paint correction and the Cquartz coating.  When the vehicle came in there bugs and brake dust everywhere. challenger bugs

look at the brake dust. The barrels of your wheels should not look like this.challenger brake dust

So we started washing & what we started with was a citrus wash to remove the wax that was already on the vehicle.  We started on the wheels first.

challenger wheel cleaner

challenger foam bath

challenger foam bath

After finishing the wash we dried it and pulled it back out in the sun to check the condition of the paint. Some areas of the car had been repainted and buffer trails were evident.

challenger buffer trails

challenger swirls

The engine bay needed some cleaning as well.

challenger engine bay

So the polishing process started as usual & it was dialed in perfectly to remove 99% of the defects.

challenger defects beforechallenger defects after

On the trunk area we did a comparison shot to show the difference between a polished side and a non polished area.

challenger 50/50

after hours and hours of polishing & coating we finished up the exterior as the customer showed up.  Took care of the engine bay dusted the interior.  Here are the after pics.  It came out so much better than what it showed up before.  This is exactly how a SRT8 should look.

challenger fenderchallenger rearchallenger srt8Challenger frontChallenger hoodchallenger gas capchallenger 6.1 HemiChallenger side

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