Ferrari 430 Paint Protection Film Install

We were recently contacted to redo a Paint Protection Film install that was on a 430 Ferrari.  When the vehicle was delivered you can see the grain in the film or more of an orange peel texture in it.   This is usually the case with lower quality films.   When these lower quality films get old they start to discolor and fade over time when not maintained.

Ferrari 430 PPF

In the picture below you can see where the film has become hazy and the orange peel look the film has, has made this a sight for sore eyes.

pics 090

Our process for removal starts with a steam to warm up & loosen the adhesive to ensure a safe removal.    pics 093

The removal of paint protection film isn’t necessarily easy so this is not a task for a DIY’er.  There are certain conditions that need to be considered if you are going to do this yourself.  Like outside temperature, how old the film is & whether the filmed panels have been painted prior to being 092

After the fenders & hood were pulled we proceeded to remove the film on the bumper & 091

Headlight film being removed via steamer & heat gun.GTR 068

4 hours later we end up with a ball full of yellow 095

So after removing the film the first thing we do is polish out the areas that are going to get re filmed.  In this case we polished out the whole car, but to show the condition of the paint under the paint protection film this is what it looked like. pics 114 pics 118

After we polished the front clip were ready for the new film install to take place.  Here we are using SunTeks coated Paint Protection Film.  This film by far has the best optical clarity of any other film out there.   Which means no orange peel look, no texture & invisibility which is what you look for in a PPF along w protection against, rocks, bugs & debris that can damage your cars 430

pics 125

Here we are filming the 164 pics 165

The new headlight film .

pics 157

Up next the bumper gets 430

2 hours later we are finished with the full install of this beautiful Ferrari, this kit covered the hood, fenders, mirrors and bumper.  After letting the film sit and making sure nothing went unfinished.  We took some after pics before the customer came for pick up. ENJOY!

Ferrari 430 afaf 010 afaf 006 afaf 009 afaf 008

A fully polished Ferrari along w SunTeks Paint Protection Film theres no better way to protect your investment.  For more information regarding our paint protection film services check out our Paint Protection Film page

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