Ferrari F12 Berlinetta Automotive Detail

I recently received a call from Ferrari of San Antonio Tx to do an automotive detail on a brand new 2013 Ferrari Berlinetta.  When i showed up it was in the mechanics bay so lighting was not all that good. As soon as i walked up to the vehicle i started noticing things before i even got the car.  Sanding marks, buffer trails, wax in the creases were evident so we did a walk around. The main concern the GM had was to spruce it up and give it a professional make ready so it can be shipped off.  So here is what we started with

Automotive Detail

ferrari f12


ferrari f12

Here is the wheel barrels finished up ferrari f12

Some of the scratches can be seen with the shop lights.

ferrari f12

This is the polishing process being finished up.

ferrari f12

The mechanic was nice enough to put it on a lift for me to access the wheel barrels and polish the lower part of the rear bumper.

ferrari f12

The interior on this car is beautiful from the hand stitched leather seats to the cabon fiber on the dash!

ferrari 083 ferrari f12 ferrari 088

ferrari 082

The sun was popping in and out all afternoon so i tried to get the best sun shots that i could to show how beautiful this paint really is.

ferrari F12 Ferrari1 ferrari2 ferrari7 ferraria 046 ferrari6



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