Ford Explorer Receives Economy New Car Prep from Jay's Detail

Ford Explorer Receives Economy New Car Prep

Every car is an investment. By some reports, the vehicle you own will often be the second largest purchase you make behind a home. With that being the case, it makes sense to protect and preserve your investment. However, the amount you spend on a new car prep needs to be kept inline with the overall cost of the vehicle the work is being done on. The owner of this new Ford Explorer knew that they wanted to have their vehicle looking as good as possible and to be protected so it would stay that way, but budget was a concern. After we consulted with the client and looked at the vehicle, we decided on ae economy new car prep that would give the owner terrific results but keep the overall costs in check. As you can see from the picture below, the vehicle came out stunning, but it didn’t start that way.

This was what the paint looked like when we started. The left side has been corrected, but the right side was how the vehicle arrived to us. People are always amazed just how much damage to the paint has already occurred by the time they take delivery on the dealer’s lot.

From another angle. Fortunately, imperfections like this can be removed with a moderate correction and leave the new owner with the paint job Ford intended.

Here is the hood after the correction. Look tab the reflection of the lights without any distortion. That is when you know you have restored the paint and are ready for the next step.

To give the car a nice, clean appearance and make the occupants more comfortable, we installed a Suntek Ceramic IR window film to all windows. This film will reject a significant portion of the heat and glare making the passengers more comfortable and also block over 99% of the UV rays from entering the vehicle. This will not only protect the interior of the car, but also the skin of those riding in it.

Ford Explorer Receives Economy New Car Prep from Jay's Detail 2

Now that the paint is corrected and the window film is installed, it is time to add Suntek Paint Protection Film to protect the most vulnerable areas. While we are often known to wrap entire vehicles in paint protection film, we stuck to the high wear areas to keep within the defined budget while still offering significant protection.

These black plastic pieces are notorious for scratching even with a ceramic coating on them, so we applied some SunTek ppf to keep them looking good for years to come.

Once the paint protection was installed, we coated the entire vehicle with our entry level CQuartz Ceramic Coating. While not providing the level of shine and protection of our Professional and Reserve coatings from Cquartz, it still gives a terrific look and adds significant protection over an untreated vehicle. As you can see from the pictures below, this Ford Explorer came out great and the owner could not be happier.

So, just because you are on a strict budget does not mean you have to settle for second best. When you want to make a wise investment in your vehicle protection package, Jay’s Detail is the place. Don’t be fooled by cheap imitators.  There is a significant difference in discount work and the quality craftsmanship you will find at Jay’s Detail. When you want the very best, call the pros at Jay’s Detail at Call 210-863-1633 or email us at for your new car prep, paint correcting, paint protection, paint coating and window tinting needs.

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