Ford Mustang Paint Correction

The Mustang S550 is the newest Mustang to date, Continuing the legacy of the Ford Mustang while ushering in a whole new era for the iconic pony car.  This S550 purchased in Ruby Red was brought to us after leaving the body shop which told him this was considered a “Showroom Finish”.  This hood was riddled with sanding marks, fish eyes, dirt nibs and most of all buffer trails.  This is usually a result of improper polishing methods.  So after a consultation the customer and I had, it was brought here to have those issues resolved & done the right way.  Here is what the vehicle looked like when it showed up.
Mustang Ruby Red

The fender had buffer trails along with sanding marks as you get closer to the fender line.Mustang Ruby red

A close up shot of the kind of damage that should not be on a brand new car. Mustang Ruby Red.After assessing the damage & speaking with the client about his options.  He trusted us to do the paint correction work that was needed to bring this Ruby Red Mustang back to life.
So we started by putting it under some intense LED lighting to see what we were working with.

Mustang Ruby Red.

Ruby Red Mustang

Mustang Ruby Red
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Here we have a side by side comparison on what the polishing will remove.  Although there is still some slight hazing we can remove that with our second finish polishing step. So we did some more test spots and pulled it outside to see it in natural light.
Mustang ruby Red
At the time of day that it was it was a little difficult to get the angle just right.  Here the right side of the hood has been complelety polished revealing a deep finish thats swirl free.Mustang ruby Red
Some shots of the trunk.Mustang ruby Red
Mustang ruby RedSo after 2 days of defect removal it was finally finished.  Here we are with some finished shots of it.  This type of polishing  takes a lot of skill to do with out compromising the finish.   However we do the best job we can each and every time to guarantee satisfaction.
Here are some after photos.

2015 Mustang50
Ruby Red Mustang

Mustang ruby Red

Ford Mustang Ruby Red

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