CQuartz Finest Hellcat 16

Hellcat Paint Correction with CQuartz Finest.

Protecting your Hellcat can be a little confusing.  With all the different types of protection services offered in the city.  We help inform our clients to make conscious decisions on protecting their investments.  Our 7th Dodge Hellcat to date scheduled a New Car Protection service,  this one in beautiful Plum Crazy Purple with Satin Black wheels and bright red calipers.  This one was trailored in for some  CQuartz Finest Ceramic Paint Quartz Protection on the paint, wheels and calipers.  CQuartz Leather on the interior and CQuartz Forte Windshield coating on the glass & Finally Prestige Photosync Window Film.

Plum Crazy Hellcat gets CQuartz Finest

The next morning we started with our decontamination 2 bucket wash.   With our Iron X snow foam soap it will remove iron contaminants while deep cleaning the paints surface.

HellCat Wash

After the wash we start the clay bar decontamination process, which you can tell removed a good amount of contamination from the paint.

Hellcat Claybar

We visually inspect the entire vehicle for paint defects.  On the Hellcat it’s pretty common to find random sanding marks & dirt in the paint.  Here’s what we found during the inspection.

Sanding marks.3R6A8629 2(2) copy

Excessive overspray .3R6A8632 2 copy

Clear coat overspray.    3R6A8637 copy

hellcat overspray

During our Paint Correction Process we will address these issues with various polishes and techniques to remove them safely.

hellcat defects after

hellcat defects after

The wheels are safely removed to apply the CQuartz Ceramic Paint Coating to the calipers and fender liners.

3R6A8642 2 copy

While the coating is getting applied to the exterior wheels and wheel wells.  We start on the window film application & CQuartz Leather treatment.

To see our full line up of CQuartz Coatings including CQuartz Finest you can view them here.

Hellcat Interior

Our Spectra Photosync ™ utilizes the latest in our Solar Adaptive Coating (SAC), which allows the film to adjust its nano-properties based on solar intensity.  Once SAC is activated, the film will achieve higher Infrared Rejection and Total Solar Energy Rejection performance.

hellcat photo sync

The exterior glass is then coated with CQuartz Forte Extreme Windshield Coating.

HellCat Forte

The paint received our highest level of paint correction and refinishing,  removing all the defects mentioned above.  We won’t bore you with the coating application and we will show you the finished product.  As always the end results speak for themselves!

3R6A8670 2 copy  3R6A8704 2 copy

3R6A8678 2 copy

CQuartz Finest Hellcat 14Now that this monster is from front to back in our all-inclusive CQuartz Treatment. This client will be sure this investment is protected for years to come!


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