Infinity QX56 gets Paint Correction and Quartz Infused Wax.

Paint correction or (swirl removal) is a labor intensive process which utilizes the most advanced compounds and polishes, applied either by a random orbital or rotary polisher designed to remove most defects in paint.  Bringing back that shine and luster which most vehicles lack by leveling out the clear coat and will result in a deeper looking and smoother finish. This 2011 Infinity QX56 had seen better days considering the condition it was in.  We found may different types of defects from cob webbing, buffer swirls & some real deep isolated scratches.  The goal for this detail is to level out the paint as much as we can safely while bringing out some depth and gloss in this black paint with our Multi Stage Paint Correction Process.   This is what we started with during our initial inspection. QX56 swirls

After our first wash the clay bar treatment shows the amount of embedded contamination on the paint that we removed. QX56 clay bar

The correction process started on the hood.  As you can see there is a pretty significant difference between the two sides.QX56 hood swirls

The a-pillars get the same attention to detail.

QX56 A pillar correction

Getting started on the driver’s side door. Our Multi-stage correction will leave your finish defect free.

QX56 swirls

This process will give us the desired results but is very time-consuming.QX56 correction

Tail lights getting polished out before.QX56 tail light swirls


QX56 tail light swirls

To see if your car could benefit from one of our correction packages check out our Paint Correction Page.QX56 swirls

After 4 days of intense correction and polishing.  We applied our Quartz Infused paste wax. 24 hours later this is the result.  A deep, rich, swirl free finish. QX56 finished

Outside for some sun shots!  Total time into polishing this monster was well over 40 hours.  But the result was well worth it.QX56 finished

QX56 Finished


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