We Correct Another Shop's "Paint Correction" Mistake on a Mustang GT350

We Correct Another Shop’s “Paint Correction” Mistake on a Mustang GT350

Every car detailer likes to think that they are a “paint correction specialist” and that they can restore your weathered or scratched and swirled paint. However, proper paint correction takes time and experience. Done improperly and you can create more damage than you started with.

This 2017 Ford Mustang GT350 came to us for consultation after another shop tried to polish our the swirls on it via their “Paint Correction Methods”.  To correct this “correction”, we had to put in over 40 hours of polishing to resurrect this beautiful black paint. After the paint was fully and properly corrected,  we protected this finish with our exclusive CQuartz Finest paint coating. We coated the entire vehicle surface including the wheels, glass and interior.

The first thing we needed to do was get the car completely clean and decontaminated. This starts with a nice foam bath to loosen all the dirt.

Now we can get a good look at the actual condition of the paint. In this case, things did not look good. From scratches and swirl marks to a haze over the paint, this finish had seen better days.

A quick side by side comparison after we have only just begun to do the correction. The difference is night and day.

Look at that same door now! That is what the paint finish on this beauty is supposed to look like.

Corrected on the left. Un-correced on the right.

Fender before correction. You can see the swirls and haze.

Fender after correction. Notice the swirl free finish and the depth of the shine.

Rear bumper when the car arrived.

Rear bumper after we finished correcting the other shops work.

Again, notice the swirl marks and hazing in this area.

Now, the same area fully corrected. It looks like a different car!

Once we completed the correction, we protect that newly restored finish with a coating of Cquartz Finest on the paint, wheels, glass and interior surfaces. This mean machine is now ready to turn heads on the streets.

Don’t take chances with an inexperienced detailer when it comes to paint correction. An inexperienced hand can do more damage that what already exists. Trust your vehicle finish to someone with experience and expertise in the area, Jay’s Detail. Check out our Paint Correction Services. There is a difference in discount work and quality craftsmanship. Jay’s Detail pays attention to the details in order to give you a superior result every time. When you want the very best, call the pros at Jay’s Detail at Call 210-863-1633 or email us at jaysdetail@gmail.com for your car detailing, paint protection, paint coating and window tinting needs.

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