Nissan GTR Gets CQuartz & Xpel

One of our good clients just recently purchased a brand new Nissan GTR in Pearl White. The first thing we needed to do was get this monster protected as soon as possible. We decided to cover the entire front lip with Xpel Ultimate Paint Protection Film. To protect against rock chips and road debris.  The paint will receive a thorough paint cleansing and will get our CQuartz Finest Ceramic Paint Protection. This will help to keep the car clean while providing a glass like layer for protection again washing scratches, bird droppings and bug etching.

So we started with a waterless wash & paint decontamination which includes a clay bar treatment.  Over all the paint was in pretty good shape. We move on to the Paint Protection Film application.

The center of the grille was first.  We opted to remove the tow hood cover to wrap the film in so there’s no cut out for that piece.

Nissan GTR PPF bumper
Nisan GTR ppf grille
The bulk of the rest of the bumper was up next.  These kits are precisely cut with one of our plotting machines.  
Nissan GTR Bumper

The headlights will receive the same level of attention.

Nissan GTR headlight ppf

The full fenders are up next.  As you can see in the picture below the bumper was already complete.  We chose to add an extra .5″ to wrap those edges into the fender well for a seamless install.

Nissan GTR Full Fender.
Nissan GTR Full Fender 2

The a-pillars are just as exposed to rocks and flying debris as the bumper is, so we went ahead and covered them in clear film as well.

Nissan GTR a pillar

Finally we get to the hood. It was decided that we would go custom on the hood install.  The 2 vents were removed to wrap the film so there were no seams on the hood.

Nissan GTR Full hood
Trimming out the excess to take the film to the edge.  These are the little things that take a good amount of time.  However our customers love the attention to detail!
Nissan GTR ppf cut
Edges exposed to wrap in. Nissan GTR Hood Vent

To see why were San Antonio’s Preferred Clear Bra Installation Center you can view our Paint Protection Film Page Here!

Trimmed to perfection!Nissan GTR hood vent 2

The vents were re installed and filmed as well.

Nissan GTR Vent
We finished off with a thorough polishing and an application of our Exclusive CQuartz Finest Ceramic coating.  

“CQuartz FINEST is the most exclusive surface protection in the world!
Only available to selected detailers, Finest was designed specifically for those with discerning tastes for its exceedingly rich & glossy finish, as well as its ability to resist the elements and protect like no other. To see if your Detailer is Certified to carry the best protection in the world you can visit.

Nissan GTR Rear

Nissan GTR Finished

Nissan GTR Cquartz Finest

Nissan GTR finished

When buying a brand new car, you want to take those initial steps to protect your investment so that it stays looking great for many years. This provides the highest level of protection for a brand new car and will ensure the car is protected for years to come. Learn more by calling us at 210-863-1633 and Get Protected Jay’s Detail Of San Antonio!

We also made a video. Feel free to share it via Social Media.  We thank you for the support!

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