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This Tesla Mothership Receives Paint Protection Forcefield

Ok. If you grew up watching Star Trek or Star Wars, driving this Tesla Model X is a close as you are going to get to a road going spaceship. This thing is packed with electronics, but it is missing one thing that every great spaceship has. A forcefield to fed off damage to the craft from outside forces. Well, we aimed to change that on this particular Model X by installing fully custom paint protection film coverage and following that with a ceramic paint coating.

We have to install the paint protection film on a thoroughly clean paint surface, so we start the project with a foam decontamination bath.

Now, we are ready to install. Jay’s takes meticulous paint protection installation to another level. We custom cut our pieces to have full coverage and hide edges whenever possible. Check out the next several pictures to see the size of the pieces of paint protection film we are installing to ensure a one-piece, seamless application.

Once the paint protection film is applied to all panels and allowed to cure, we apply a Gtechniq Crystal Serum Black ceramic paint coating. This coating will protect the finish from damage by environmental contaminants and also make the vehicle much easier to keep clean. Check out some of the after pictures below. The end results speak for themselves, and now this car is protected so it will stay looking this way.

Don’t be fooled by the lure of a discount price only to be disappointed with the end result. There is a large difference between discount work and quality craftsmanship when it comes to these products. Jay’s Detail Studio in San Antonio pays attention to all of the details in order to give you a superior result every time. Whether it is several of our services combined like on this Tesla Model X, or just one of the many other services we offer, you will not be disappointed. When you want the very best, contact the pros at Jay’s Detail by calling 210-863-1633 or emailing us at We are southern Texas’ #1 source for car detailing, paint protection, paint coating, window tinting and automotive protection needs.

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