Phantom Black Hellcat gets Clear Bra & CQuartz Finest Treatment

Protecting your Hellcat can be a little strenuous.  With all the different types of protection services offered in the city.  We help inform our clients to make conscious decisions on protecting their investment.  Our Fifth  Dodge Hellcat to date scheduled a New Car Protection service,  this one in beautiful Phantom black with brass monkey  wheels and bright red calipers.  This came in for some Paint Protection Film to protect the entire front clip from rock chips and road debris.  CQuartz Finest Ceramic Paint Protection on the paint, wheels and calipers.  CQuartz Leather on the interior and CQuartz Forte Extreme Windshield coating on the glass.  As soon as the client dropped off we started with our decontamination 2 bucket wash.   With our Iron X snow foam soap it will remove iron contaminants while deep cleaning the paints surface. This is the condition before we started on it.  The entire front was covered in bugs and road grime.  You can tell this customer loves driving this car!

Phantom Black bugs
phantom black dirty

These wheels are known for getting very dirty from brake dust and road grime.  We noticed the pant lacked depth and lustre from all the driving it had recently seen.

phantom black dirty wheels

The wheels were first to get cleaned during the wash.  Car Pro’s Iron X is a great for removing iron contamination from wheels and paint. As the product emulsifies iron it turns the iron particles purple to indicate the product is working.

Hell Cat wheel IronX

The washing prices on this car took a little longer due to all the grime on the wheels and bugs on the front end. Once pulled inside the claying process didn’t remove much.  It did however let us see the condition of the paint.  This paint was very difficult to catch some of the defects that come from the factory.  This was covered with washing scratches, water spots and what appeared to be some kind of sanding mark.

Water spots.

phantom black waterspots

Random Etching.

Phantom Black waterspots 2

Sanding mark.

Phantom Black pig tail.

Another common thing seen in Dodge Hellcat paint is dirt.  Of all the Hellcat’s we have worked on every one has shows signs of all the above.  For more articles you can see these Hellcat Blogs.

B5 Blue Hellcat, Redline Red, White & Gloss Black

Phantom Black Dirt Nib

The correction process starts to prep the front clip for some paint protection film. We will polish the paint free of all the defects before we apply the clear bra film to make sure the install looks as good as possible.

Phantom Black Correction

Once the paint correction process was complete we de badge the sides and remove the outer grilles on the hood for a seamless installation on the front.

The bumper was first for clear bra application.  We know that this client loves driving this car so we want to make sure we apply film to a lot of the high impact areas to protect this 707HP monster from rock chips, road debris and bug staining.  The wheels were removed to coat while the full fenders were being applied.

phantom black PPF bumper
Phantom Black upper bumper ppf

The headlights will receive the same protection.

Phantom Black PPF headlights

Full Paint Protection film being applied to this fender.  we will wrap the edges inside the engine compartment, inner fender well, and inner door well for an invisible look. The Hellcat logo was removed so we can reapply it to the film. These are the little differences that make the biggest difference.

Phantom black PPF full fender

We also made a set of door sill protectors for this customer.  We have them available in all lengths. Most customers really like the 36″ piece we apply to this section.

Phantom Black Door Sills

The Full hood was up next.

Phantom Black Full Hood PPF

During the installation process.

Phantom Black PPF during
The wheels were removed to coat the faces., barrels and calipers.
Hell cat caliper coating.

CQuartz FINEST is the most exclusive surface protection in the world!
Only available to selected detailers, Too see if your detailer is Authorized.  Check our

The Glass received CQuartz Forte.

CQuartz Forte

Meanwhile the leather received some CQuartz Leather treatment.

Hellcat InteriorAfter all the coating was complete and the film was done.  We stayed a little late to do some baking on this monster!
Hellcat Baking

Once the curing process was complete 4 hours later.  We pulled it outside so the Paint Protection Film would set for a little bit. Here is a shot before we re applied the Hellcat logo back on the fender.

Hellcat Phantom Black

For this Challenger we chose to apply our SunTek Paint Protection Film.  SunTek’s PPF is one of the Best paint protection films in the industry.  Backed by a 5 year warranty, It has a self healing top coat and has no texture or orange peel in the film.  Not to mention the clarity you get from this brand of PPF is unsurpassed!

Another sun shot of the full hood we completed with wrapped edges!  One word comes to mind.


Hellcat Full Hood.

The front end completed!.

Hellcat Front Clip
hellcat wheel
3R6A6607 copy copy

i would say we made a noticeable improvement.  Starting out with this….

hellcat b4

Then finishing out with this!

Hellcat Finished

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Here is a video as well!!

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