Protecting your Hellcat with Cquartz Finest and Xpel Clear Bra

Protecting your Hellcat can be a little strenuous.  With all the different types of protection services offered in the city.  We help inform our clients to make conscious decisions on protecting their investment.  Our Third Dodge Hellcat to date scheduled a New Car Protection service,  this one in beautiful B5 Blue with satin black wheels and bright red calipers.  This came in for some Paint Protection Film to protect the front bumper from rock chips and road debris.  CQuartz Finest Ceramic Paint Protection and Rayno Carbon Ceramic Window Film. As soon as the client dropped off we started with our decontamination wash.   With our Iron X snow foam soap it will remove iron contaminants while deep cleaning the paints surface.

Hellcat B5 foam

This process allows the soap to remove any type of waxes or sealants that some dealers usually apply during the Pre Inspection Delivery (PDI) process.  We want to make sure the paint is clear of anything that will affect the bonding process of the ceramic coating.  The wheels received the same treatment with our wheel cleaner which has an added iron removing ingredient as well.

hellcat B5 wheel cleaning

Once the washing process was complete we moved on to the clay portion of the detail.  The detail clay removed little to no bonded contaminants.  So we started the polishing process, even during this process we did find some moderate marring on the roof and trunk of the vehicle, which were easily polished out.  Here we have the beast getting some polishing refinement!

Hellat B5 polishing

While the polishing process was going on we started the wheel removal process to deep clean the wheels even more and prep them for the Dlux wheel coating on the calipers and CQuartz Finest on the wheels.

Hellcat Caliper before

Coating calipers allows them to stay cleaner longer and requires less agitation when performing maintenance washes.  There will be a huge difference with cars like the Hellcat where the calipers are massive and very bright in color. So adding protection not only protects the finish it adds more depth.  Which makes them nice and shiny behind the satin black wheels.

Hellcat caliper after

The polishing is complete, wheels and calipers are coated.  We move on to the window tint portion of the job. The client wanted a great performing window film and something that was very pleasing to the eye, but not too black in terms of shade.   We opted to go to for our Rayno Carbon Ceramic window film in a 35% shade all the way around.  We used our pre cut program to plot out the windows for precise fitment as illustrated below.

To see our selection of window films feel free to view our Window Tint Page!

Hellcat window film

The good thing about that film is it has a slight minimal blueish hue to it.  Which adds a nice touch to compliment the B5 blue paint.  The windows are finished being tinted so now on to some Paint Protection Film aka Clear Bra.

Paint Protection Film has been around for years and used to be used for military grade applications.  The paint protection film we chose to add to this Hellcat was by Xpel.  One of the leaders in paint protection film, which offers outstanding durability with a 10 year warranty to match!

To read more about our paint protection films check out our Paint Protection Film Page!

Here is the bumper application in process.

The film is going to get applied to the entire front bumper and we are including the headlight kit as well.

Hellcat Clear bra

The top part has a portion of it that gets wrapped underneath into the opening for a seamless application.

Hellcat Clear Bra

After all the paint protection film was applied and finished.  The paint received a wipe down with an intensive oil and polish cleaner to finally prep the finish for Cquartz Finest. Quartz Finest is one of the most exclusive coatings in the word.   This network is only available to selected detailer’s, Finest was designed specifically for those with discerning tastes for its exceedingly rich & glossy finish, as well as its ability to resist the elements and protect like no other.

Here we have it laying on top of a Microfiber Madness Crazy Pile towel.
Hellcat Cquartz Finest
Hellcat Finest

Meanwhile the Interior received some Quartz Leather for the 2 front seats.

Hellcat Interior

Once the application of 2 thick coats was completed.  We finish the night off with a series of IR lamps curing the coating.

Hellcat IR Cure

This shot came out very well!

Hellcat IR cure 2

Finally the day comes where the client gets to pick up and he’s been anxiously awaiting to see what this car is going to look like.   We pulled it outside to get some shots before he arrived.  Here we have the finished product. The car has been gone thorough from end to end with some leading products from Xpel, Cquartz and Rayno to name a few and it look quite amazing.  This B5 blue paint is stunning in sunlight.  We are humbled to have been selected to work on such a beautiful car.  We provide the best in service and will continue an ongoing relationship with this client to make sure his investment stays protected of years to come.  We thank you for your business and continued support T.E.

Enjoy the pictures and video!

Hellcat Dash
Hellcat side
Hellcat light
Hellcat side


  1. We highly recommend Jay’s Detail of San Antonio. Jay and his team did an outstanding job on the B5 Blue Hellcat!!! Most importantly, he took a lot of time to explain the process, make recommendations, and then allowed us to make the decision about what services and products we were comfortable with. His years of experience, his knowledge, and his extreme passion for what he does made us very comfortable to leave our prized possession with him. He provided multiple daily updates with pictures and we could not be more pleased with the outcome. Love the video!!

  2. Dusk is the perfect time to showcase the gloss, reflectivity, clarity, and depth of the corrected paint coupled with CQuartz Finest Ceramic Paint Coating.

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