Car Protection for Range Rover

Range Rover Gets Prepped, Protected & Preserved

When you get ready to make a new vehicle investment, often the topic of car protection and how you keep that investment looking great comes up. We all make a promise on the day we get that new car that we will keep it looking like new for many years to come. The question is, what are you doing to make that happen?

Car Protection for Range Rover 2

For the owner of this 2016 Range Rover recently purchased from Land Rover of San Antonio, that meant having the vehicle paint prepped with a thorough decontamination, protected with Suntek paint protection film and preserved through the use of a paint sealant on the entire vehicle.

First, we started with decontaminating the entire exterior of the vehicle.

Car Protection for Range Rover 8

The decontamination begins with a thorough wash followed by a clay bar decontamination to make sure that the paint is completely clean and ready for the protection and preservation phases of the project. We also remove the factory badging in the areas that we plan to protect with paint protection film so that there will be no visible seams around the lettering. After this phase is complete, we move to the protection portion.

Auto Protection for Range Rover 6

We use large pieces of bulk material to cover the entire hood, bumper, fenders, headlights and a-pillars so that no seams are visible. In this picture the material had just been placed on the hood for the installation to begin. In the following pictures, each of the areas being protected is meticulously covered.

Auto Protection for Range Rover 4

Auto Protection for Range Rover 5

Auto Protection for Range Rover 3

After we finish getting everything in place, we reinstall any factory badges or decals that were removed prior to installation. in the picture below you can see us reapplying the iconic Range Rover hood badging.

Auto Protection for Range Rover 7

After the paint protection is complete and the badges are back in place, we preserve the car by applying a coat of paint sealant to the entire vehicle. Now this beautiful Range Rover is ready to turn heads  and stay looking great for many years into the future.

Car Protection for Range Rover

Contact the team at Jay’s Detail today at 210-863-1633 to learn more about our process to prepare, protect and preserve your new vehicle. Both you and your vehicle will be happy you made this investment in keeping your vehicle looking terrific for many years to come.

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