Red Cadillac CTS-V gets Paint Correction

This 2009 Cadillac CTS-V in Crystal Red Tint Coat came in for an evaluation on paint correction. The condition of this vehicle was a little rough for its age. The paint correction process on this one is going to take some time considering the the finish looks like it had been sent through a tunnel was more than a couple times. Our multi stage correction utilizes proper polishing techniques along with the best polishes to create a swirl free finish.  This picture below is after our decontamination wash and clay bar treatment.  Out in the sun you can see the swirling which has been cause by improper maintenance.

CTSV swirls

The swirling is pretty bad all over the car.

CTSV swirls rear quarter.

Under some intense LED lighting Its a little worse than outside.

CTSV paint correction

After a couple passes of some compound, we have a defect free finish.

CTSV paint correction fender after

The door section before correction.

CTSV paint correction door


CTSV paint correction door

As part of our correction process we correct the tail light lenses as well.

CTSV Tail light after

The way tail lights should look.

CTSV Tail light before

A 50/50 shot of the rear bumper.  Even with the compound stage the defects are removed.  What were looking for is a high defect removal rate.  Our next couple of finishing polishing steps will remove any haze and bring out the depth and gloss in this metallic paint.

CTSV bumper polishingThe wheels were removed for a deep and thorough cleaning.


The total time frame for this process took approximately 35 hours from start to finish.   The final shots are stunning.CTSV correction

CTSV Finished 2

CTSV finished

If you or anyone you know is interested in one of our Paint Correction Services Please feel free to stop buy the shop for a free evaluation to see if a Multistage Correction is for you! Thanks for reading.


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