Leatherique Leather Treatment – Starting at $150

Leatherique is a very special company that is run much different than most businesses you may encounter. George Pavilsko Sr. founded the business in 1968 and it’s still owned and operated by the Pavlisko family.

However, George did not start out looking to form a business, he simply wanted a solution for restoring leather. He developed leather care solutions that were producing exceptional results. His leather care products evolved into a business which is now currently operated by George Pavlisko Jr.

These products have gained a world wide following and are used today by some exclusive organizations such as the Smithsonian Museum, Henry Ford Museum and The Old Harrah Collection. They are also the leading leather care provider for many car clubs like the Rolls Royce Owners Club, BMW Owners Club, Porsche Owners Club and many more. The Leatherique employees are far more than just “employees”.

Leatherique has a group of highly talented, enthusiastic employees that really embody leather care. The employees are generally long tenured and use the products they work with. Many employees have personally restored leather and work on their own automobiles and furniture. Therefore when you call with a technical question you get a highly qualified response. We find this extremely rare in a day and age when calls are often handled overseas by someone reading from a manual.

The Leatherique employees provide invaluable insight on leather care which continues to make their leather products top notch. The Leatherique products are developed in secret so the family’s secret ingredients remain unknown. They have however shared that their products are made with a complex blend of¬†collagen, animal proteins and absolutely no fillers. Many other brands use fillers that make the leather temporarily look and feel great but can have potentially harmful long term affects. Leatherique prefers to use only the most effective ingredients that truly care for the leather, not just make it look good for today.

This has helped them develop some one of the best cleaning and conditioning formulas on the market with the Rejuvenator Oil and Prestine Clean. Leatherique also make a variety of leather dyes, crack fillers and other leather restoration products.

Visit www.leatherique.com for even more information!


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