Spectra Photosync Window Film

Prestige Spectra Photosync Adaptive Window Film & Glare Shield

  • Solar Adaptive Coating – This coating will adjust itself once certain wavelengths of solar spectrum are exposed to the film.  This will trigger an immediate adjustment of the coating’s heat rejecting properties, which results in Total Solar Energy Rejection up to 79%.
  • Infrared Rays (IR) Rejection Coating – The solar spectrum consists of 3 main properties:  Ultraviolet, Visible Light, and infrared.  PhotoSync© IR and SAC integration creates an unsurpassed hybrid technology that accounts for up to 98.5% of infrared rejection.  The technological advances of Prestiges’s coatings allow for high performance without the use of any metallics, which means no interference of wireless transmission signals (e.g. GPS, cell-signals, AM / FM, keyless entry systems, satellite, etc.)
  • UV Protection – PhotoSync©, also rejects 99.5% of ultraviolet rays, which means decreased fading of interior components as well as protecting occupants’ skin from this harmful radiation.

General Description

Spectra Photosync™ is the most advanced window film created by Prestige Film Technologies. Spectra Photosync ™ utilizes the latest in our Solar Adaptive Coating (SAC), which allows the film to adjust its nano-properties based on solar intensity. Once SAC is activated, the film will achieve higher Infrared Rejection and Total Solar Energy Rejection performance. Similar to all of Prestige’s high performance luxury window films, Photosync™ contains a zero metals composition which will not interfere with modern technology found in cars today, such as GPS, cellular signals, radio frequencies, or keyless entry signals. PhotoSync™ comes in the following series: SPH75, SPH65, SPH55, SPH45, & SPH35.

We are excited to introduce a new protection film for the Tesla Model S & Model X. GlareShied™ is specifically designed to improve visibility of the touchscreen display during daytime driving.

GlareShield™ – Anti-Glare / Anti-Fingerprint Screen Protection for Tesla Model S & Model X.

  • Laser cut to fit 17” touchscreen display
  • Fingerprint reduction by 90%
  • Glarereduction by 30%
  • Blue light reduction by 30% / Help with eye strain
  • Impact protection / Scratch resistant
  • Retain optimal touchscreen sensitivity
  • Silicone adhesive / Dry application
  • 8.2 mils thick