Alfa Romeo Protected with Suntek Clear Bra & Ceramic Paint Coating 6

Alfa Romeo Protected with Suntek Clear Bra & Ceramic Paint Coating

The new Alfa Romeo Giulia is a beautifully designed car. The Italians just have a way of creating designs that capture the passion behind the vehicle and this Giulia is no exception. The blue on this particular car is stunning and the new owner wanted to fine tune the paint and the protect and preserve it so that it stayed looking its absolute best. We decided to accomplish this by a thorough decontamination of the paint, followed by paint correction as necessary, an application of Suntek Clear Bra to the entire front end and then finalize the work with a complete covering of the vehicle’s painted surfaces with Cquartz Ceramic Paint Coating.

This project is going to take some time, but follow along as we correct, preserve and protect this Italian beauty.

The first step is a thorough foam bath and wash. This eliminates any dirt or contaminants that are easily removed from the painted surface.
Alfa Romeo Protected with Suntek Clear Bra & Ceramic Paint Coating 10
Next, we use a clay bar to remove any embedded contaminants in the paint that the wash could not remove. You can see the dirt removed in this process on the surface of the clay below.
Once the surface is cleaned, we get busy correcting the paint and removing any scratches, sanding marks and swirl marks as needed.
The left side is before correction and the right side is after.
Now, both sides have been corrected.
The next step is a complete Suntek Clear Bra on the front end of the vehicle. This includes full coverage on the hood, front fenders, front bumper and mirrors. 
When the Suntek Clear Bra install is complete and cured, we move on to using a Cquartz ceramic paint coating to protect and preserve the pristine finish we just achieved. This coating will not only protect the surface from things like bird droppings, insect stains and environmental contaminants, it will also make this car an absolute snap to wash. The dirt will literal almost just rinse off of the surface.
You can see from the final result pictures below that this vehicle is absolutely stunning and will be turning heads everywhere it goes for many years to come.Alfa Romeo Protected with Suntek Clear Bra & Ceramic Paint Coating

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