Ford Focus RS gets SunTek Ultra Paint Protection Film 4

Ford Focus RS gets SunTek Ultra Paint Protection Film

If you are not aware, the Ford Focus RS is no garden variety econo-hatch. This car means serious business! This car is prepared to handle just about anything the road can throw at it, except for rocks, road debris and bugs. That is where we come in. The team at Jay’s Detail installed a full front end protection with SunTek Ultra Paint Protection Film on this car to give it a bit of protection for those road battles that are sure to come it’s way. If you don’t believe us about how serious of a machine this car is, just check out the statement from Ford below;

After burning up Europe for years, this best-in-class 350-horsepower2 hatchback has taken its 2.3L EcoBoost® engine to another level. Beefed up where it counts, the Ford Performance All-Wheel-Drive System intelligently distributes power for maximum benefit, both front and rear as well as left and right. And with four different driving modes, including “Track” and “Drift”1, you can dominate the course no matter the mood you’re in.

Well, time is wasting, so lets get this car protected. The first thing we do is give the vehicle a thorough decontamination bath. This removes any surface contaminants and prepares the car’s surface to have the paint protection film installed.

One thing you should notice right away in the picture below is that we cover the entire hood with no seams. Not only is the surface completely covered for complete protection, it also offers a much better look and causes the SunTek Ultra Paint Protection Film to virtually disappear on the car.

Just like the hood, our goal is to offer comprehensive protection without visible seams. As you can see in the next two pictures, when a seam is required we do our best to hide it in a spot where you would never see it.

Check out the completed pictures of this awesome car. While the car looks just as great as it did when it arrived, the front end paint is now protected from what the road will throw it’s way. Not only does the SunTek Ultra Paint Protection Film we installed look great, it also comes with a 10 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty to ensure it will stay looking great for many years to come.

When you have a car as special as this, you don’t just want to trust the paint protection installation to anyone. Inferior products and inexperienced installers can offer protection but hinder the looks of a great looking car. Look at our work and read our reviews to see why we are the #1 shop in Texas for paint protection film installations. There is a difference in the materials and installation expertise between the discount shops and the quality craftsmanship you will find at Jay’s. Jay’s Detail pays attention to the details in order to give you a superior result every time. When you want the very best, call the pros at Jay’s Detail at Call 210-863-1633 or email us at for your paint protection needs.

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