Brand New Tesla Model 3 in for Jay's New Car Prep Service

Brand New Tesla Model 3 in for Jay’s New Car Prep Service

The Tesla Model 3 has been the long awaited affordable dream of Elon Musk. They have recently begun delivering to owners after a roughly 18 month wait. Waiting for that long builds up some serious anticipation and time spent dreaming about finally having the Model 3 parked in your driveway. It is in light of this, that the new owner of this fresh Model 3 wanted to treat it to Jay’s New Car Prep directly from the dealers lot. Jay’s New Car Prep is designed to take your brand new vehicle and prepare it for life on the road in a way that preserves and maintains the new car look long into the future. This particular Tesla Model 3 was pampered with a full paint correction, complete SunTek Ultra Paint Protection Film installation, SunTek CIR Ceramic Window Film application and finished off with a CQuartz Professional preservation coating on exterior painted surfaces. That’s a lot of work, so let’s get started!

The first thing we do is completely decontaminate the exterior surface of the car with a foam decontamination wash. This leave the paint ready for the surface correction stage.

Brand New Tesla Model 3 in for Jay's New Car Prep Service

Now, we move onto paint correction. Even though the car is new, there will be swirl marks, scratches and paint defects present in the paint. These could have been missed at the factory, happened in transport or caused in the process of a dealership preparing the vehicle for sale. The picture below shows what the paint looks like under flaw-enhancing lighting before we started.

This is what that same panel looked like after we were finished paint correcting.

Brand New Tesla Model 3 in for Jay's New Car Prep Service 5

Again, what the panel looked like before.

This is the exact same panel after the paint correction was complete.

Now we move onto the Suntek Ultra Paint Protection Film installation. We covered every exterior painted panel on this car with a custom cut piece of material designed to hide any seams or edges. As you can see in the pictures below, this provides complete coverage and literally makes the material disappear on the car. It is very difficult to detect that protection film is even installed on the vehicle.

Custom mirror pieces. We do not use generic precut kits.

Next, we move on to installing SunTek CIR Ceramic Window Tint on the entire vehicle. This window tint not only looks great, it will keep the interior cool and protects the surfaces from sun damage. As a side benefit, it may even increase the range on an electric car like this Tesla.

Brand New Tesla Model 3 in for Jay's New Car Prep Service 3

The final step is the application of CQuartz Professional Ceramic Coating. This advanced nanotechnology provides an extremely durable, high gloss coating, providing enhancement and years of protection for your car. After application, it is fully cured by spending time under some iR lamps as seen below.

Nothing gives us more pride than to step back and check out a vehicle that has recently gone through Jay’s New Car Prep service. Not only does the car look stunning, we know it will stay that way for many years to come. Check out how great this new Tesla Model 3 came out. Now the owner can fully enjoy this beauty knowing it is protected.

Whether it is something you have been waiting for like this Tesla Model 3 or if you just want to preserve and protect one of your largest investments, check out Jay’s New Car Prep service. When you want the very best value for your money, you can reach Jay’s Detail Studio the following ways. Call 210-863-1633 or email us at for your car detailing, paint protection, paint coating and window tinting needs.

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