Don’t Let Your Tesla Model 3 Paint Get Destroyed. We Can Help!

I you own a Tesla Model 3, you likely know about the issues regarding the durability of the paint. Specifically as it relates to areas low on the door panels and near the wheel wells. You can check out this thread on the Tesla Motors Club forum on the issue that is 29 pages deep as we are creating this post. The fact is that Tesla Model 3 paint is much more fragile than other vehicles from the information posted. Tesla has even begun offering protection kits to those that ask from what we have heard. You can check out some of the pictures and the video below that appeared on the forum regarding this issue.

Because we work with many Tesla owners, and we pride ourselves in protecting vehicle paint, we wanted to be part of the solution. If you received a protection kit from Tesla, bring it by and we would be happy to install it free of charge for you. That way, you know it is installed correctly and can provide all the protection possible with that kit. If you would like to discuss additional protection measures, we would be happy to talk to you about that also.

You waited a long time to get the Tesla you dreamed of. Do not allow the Tesla Model 3 paint quality to create a situation where you enjoy the vehicle much less. We can help protect those high wear areas and keep your car looking great, like the protected Model 3 below, for many years to come.

At Jay’s Detail Studio we truly care about providing our clients with the best overall finished product. That comes down to not only continually auditing the products we use to ensure we are utilizing the best, it also means we are always fine tuning our workmanship. The combination of the best products and our team striving to get better each day delivers a difference you will notice. When you want the very best, call us at Call (210) 863-1633 or you can email us at Jay’s Detail Studio – San Antonio and South Texas’ #1 source for your paint correcting, paint protection, paint coating and window tinting needs.


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