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Long Awaited Tesla Model 3 Protected and Perfected

Many people have waited a long time to receive the Tesla Model 3 they ordered. As a result, many Model 3 owners want to do everything possible to protect these vehicles once they arrive. If you want to see a Tesla Model 3 protected and perfected for the new owner, follow along with this post.

The very first step is to remove all the surface contaminants from the paint. This is imperative whether we are working on a new car or one that is several years old. We will be correcting, protecting and preserving this paint. Any contaminants will only serve to reduce the overall quality of the final result.

The next step is to remove any imperfections from the paint finish. You might be surprised to learn that even brand new cars often have paint imperfections. This particular Model 3 had sanding marks from when the paint was worked on at the factory. The next two pictures show the sanding marks that became very apparent under our specific lighting to detect imperfections.

As you can see in the picture below, after our paint correction services, now these sanding marks are removed and the paint is ready to be protected.

Before we move onto protection, we also added some SunTek Ceramic IR Window Film. This high tech film is a perfect match for a technological wonder like the Model 3. This film allows you to have a nice looking tinted window, reduce tremendous amount of heat and block nearly all of the sun’s harmful UV rays. We also install the complex Tesla Model 3’s rear window in one piece as seen while we were heat shrinking the piece below.

Now, we move onto a complete custom, full body installation of SunTek Ultra Paint Protection Film. With this service, we cover all painted surfaces in one piece when possible. You can see in the pictures below, we take the time to make sure your panels are protected in a way that makes the products become nearly undetectable once installed.

The final step is a complete coating and curing of CQuartz Finest Reserve Ceramic Paint Coating. Finest Reserve provides a gloss that lasts for years, provides stain resistance, hydrophobicity, gloss, and creates a dirt-repellency not possible with any other method of protection. Finest Reserve becomes an integral part of your vehicle sheltering the finish from environmental hazards and allowing it to be washed with ease for years to come. After application, we cure the coating under infra-red lamps as seen below.

Now check out this Tesla Model 3 protected and perfected by Jay’s. Now only does this car look great, it is fully protected so it will stay looking that way.

So, whether you have been waiting for a new Tesla Model 3, or any other pride and joy, don’t just trust it to any shop. There is a difference in discount work and quality craftsmanship. Jay’s Detail pays attention to the details in order to give you a superior result every time. This owner now has a Tesla Model 3 protected, perfected and ready for life on the road.

Remember, when you want the very best, call the pros at Jay’s Detail at 210-863-1633 or email us at jaysdetail@gmail.com for your car detailing, paint protection, paint coating and window tinting needs.

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