Tesla 85D & Xpel Paint Protection Film

Tesla is an automaker of electric cars which was established in early 2005.  It combines meticulous noise engineering and obtains the sound dynamics of a music studio, in other words its an awesome car!   This Model S was just purchased & this owner was very particular about taking care of the paint in the best way possible.  After much discussion we chose the best option was to cover the impact areas prone to chipping with our Xpel Ultimate Paint Protection Film.  Before we started filming this Model S was waterless washed, decontaminated then polished to a high gloss.  We then proceeded to start the filming process.

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We started with the grille, bumper, headlights and fog lights. Tesla p85 Xpel

tesla grille


Full hood getting started.  One thing about the Xpel Ultimate Paint Protection Film is that it has a self healing top coat which allows it to heal fine scratches and swirl marks by the heat of the sun.  Protecting any car with this film will help that factory finish & can bring the resale value up. Model S xpel

P85 Tesla Xpelonce installed we will let the edges dry out to wrap them under for a seamless install.  
Tesla P85, Xpel An area if concern to most Tesla owners is the handles.  Although the handles protrude when near the door when the key is nearby.  They tend to get fingerprints on them rather quickly.  The paint protection film helps reduce the amount of fingerprints on these handles.
Tesla P85, Xpel  We applied the paint protection film  to the full fender as well. Notice the overhang above the wheel where the film is wrapped inside the wheel well, inside the hood area & inside the where the fender meets the door.  The bumper was also wrapped in as well.  This prevents any kind of debris or rocks from damaging the film on an exposed edge.

Tesla P85, Xpel

We moved on to the mirrors next lower rocker panels & rear bumper.

Tesla P85, Xpel
Tesla P85, Xpel
These rockers are angled a little towards the road which is very succestiple to road rash so we applied the film to these areas along with the leading edge of the rear wheel.Tesla p85 Xpel
Tesla p85 Xpel The rear wheel impact area.

Tesla p85 Xpel
Tesla p85 Xpel All finished up.  We moved on to the rear bumper.  Of all the Tesla’s we have protected one thing we notice is that a lot of the Model S vehicles for some reason always get bumped into on the rear bumper.  So instead of going for the luggage area at the top of the rear bumper. We wrapped the whole thing in one piece and wrapped the edges going in the wheel well for a seamless install.

Tesla p85 Xpel
Tesla p85 Xpel Finished up.

Tesla p85 Xpel Once the film was all wrapped up  We applied our  C. Quartz Dlux to the wheels, wheel barrels & calipers.dlux wheel
Finally we topped all the film and paint with Cquartz Finest Ceramic Paint Protection Coating.  

cquartz finest

This is one of the most exclusive coatings in the world.  Applied by some of the Top detailers Finest offers unsurpassed protection.  Finest was designed specifically for those with discerning tastes for its exceedingly rich & glossy finish, as well as its ability to resist the elements and protect like no other.

The car is finally complete! This customer is now ready to drive anywhere w out any fear of damaging his vehicle w gravel or road debris.  Don’t waste time worrying about your vehicle.  Let us do the worrying while you enjoy your car!

Here are the after photos of the work completed.

Tesla P85
Tesla p85

Tesla p85

Tesla P85

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