Tesla Model Y Gets SunTek Paint Protection Film & 3M Ceramic Window Tint

We couldn’t wait to get our hands on a new Tesla Model Y. This brand new offering from Tesla combines cutting edge technology with unmatched versatility. This is truly a car that many have been waiting for. The owner of this particular car brought it to us to get the full front end protected with SunTek Ultra paint protection film and the windows covered with the new 3M Ceramic window tint.

Our first step was to apply a full front end protection with SunTek Ultra paint protection film. We chose this particular products as it is designed to protect vehicle paint even in the harshest environments while maintaining that high gloss shine that we require of the products we utilize.

Following the paint protection film application, we applied the new 3M Ceramic IR Window Tint on the vehicle windows.This innovative window film combines industry leading heat reduction due to absorptive nano-ceramic technology. You also will not have to worry about any interference with vehicle and mobile electronics because it is a completely metal-free film.

You can check out the finished results in the pictures below. It was a pleasure to help this proud Tesla Model Y owner protect this beauty while also making it more comfortable and improving the looks. These services will enable this Model Y to be looking great and helping the owner to be more comfortable for many years to come.

Tesla Model Y Gets SunTek Paint Protection Film & 3M Ceramic Window Tint - Paint Protection Film and Window Tinting in San Antonio, Texas

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