Tesla Promotion - 20% OFF Window Tint Sale in San Antonio, Texas - Automotive Window Tinting Services in San Antonio and Austin, Texas

Tesla Promotion – 20% OFF Window Tint Sale in San Antonio, Texas

If you have a Tesla or are waiting for your Tesla to arrive, we have great news. From now through November 5th, we will be offering a 20% OFF window tint sale on all jobs for both the Tesla Model S and Model 3. With our quality line-up of window films, you are utilizing products that are as high tech as the Tesla you are driving. These innovative nano-tech, ceramic and carbon technologies improve comfort, protect vehicle interiors and block UV rays.

Jay’s rarely runs any promotions, but we wanted to offer this unique opportunity to all of those taking delivery of their new Tesla vehicles. This promotion will end promptly at the close of business on Saturday, November 10th. To take advantage of this promotion or receive more information, contact us today by calling (210) 863-1633 or fill out the form below.

**Please Note: If you have a Tesla Model 3 or Model S on order and want to take advantage of this window tint sale, you can purchase the window film installation now for an installation date to be set once your vehicle is delivered.**

    Please Note: Our policy is that we do not give pricing quotations via email. We like to understand the situation to price the project accordingly. We would be happy to contact you via phone to discuss options or schedule for you stop at the shop for a full consultation.

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