Toyota Supra receives CarPro Treatment.

Toyota’s Iconic Toyota Supra is a very well known car among car enthusiast.  For a car that’s about 20 years old the performance and looks this car has go un matched. by any other car in its class. This client brought his 1994 Toyota Supra Turbo in to bring this single stage paint back to life.  After a quick discussion we decided on a 2step correction & Car Pro’s UK ceramic coating.  This Ceramic coating  is one of the hardest material in the world.  It creates a very clear but still long lasting hard coating on all automotive surfaces.  So we are going to perform an all inclusive Car Pro treatment.  Which includes wash, Iron x on the wheels, 2step compound/polish. An eraser wiped down, ceramic coating and dressing the tires with Car Pro’s PERL (plastic, engine, rubber, leather).  So when the vehicle was delivered to us it had just come from a performance shop.  The condition of the paint was to be expected for being 20 years old.

supra 011
caked up wax residu in the rear logos was pretty obvious.supra 013
The back bumper had some duct tape adhesive stuck on the rear bumper.supra 012

So we started with a quick wash to strip the exterior using our MicroFiber madness Incredimitt & washed with our Iron X snow foam soap sorry no pictures (camera  battery died).  As we moved on to the wheels we applied IronX to remove the iron contaminants off the wheels.

supra iron x
supra iron x afterAfter we finished with a wash we moved the car in and got a good shot of the car pro products in front of the car.
car pro products.after the wash we proceeded to clay & the owner had previously detailed it so the claying process didn’t remove any additional contamination that we were aware of.  So on to polishing, there was quite a bit of swirling on the vehicle that polished out pretty easy.  We did a quick 50/50 shot on the drivers door and proceeded to move on.  
supra paint correction
We also chose to remove the rear accessory lights to remove the defects that were close to the light.  After the defect removal the lights were then gently put back on.
supra light removal
As i mentioned before the top rear bumper had some duct tape residue.  Sometimes when this happens dirt & grime tend to stick to the wet adhesive.  So when you go to remove this adhesive what you’re going to end up with is a bunch of scratches.  Its what happens when you mix a solvent, adhesive and dirt.  Which makes more of a sand paper like scratch on the surface.  So we polished those out as you can see below.
supra 025
This is probably one of the nicest logos i have ever seen especially on a 20 year old car.  I think Toyota hit it on the nail when they designed the Supra logo.  So to keep up with the cleanliness of the logos we used our Car Pro detailing swabs with a little mixture of Eraser to remove the embedded wax.supra 030
supra 049After about 8 hours of polishing we are ready to start prepping for the Cquartz.  We applied 2 generous coats of Car Pro’s Eraser.   Which is an intensive oil & polish remover.  This is an essential step to have proper adhesion for any coating that is being applied.  Our eraser application is used with the plus Micro Fiber Madness Crazy Pile towel
supra eraser step.And now time for the good stuff!
supra 037this picture was taken before the application of UK.  We applied 2 thick coats of this coating to this supra.  Waited an hour and did a wipe down with Car Pro’s Reload which is an inorganic silica spray sealant.  Here are the after pictures.

supra 043
supra 064

supra 079

supra 073

So to sum it up Car Pro makes some GREAT products.  They are pricey but you get what you pay for.  You can see in the results quality towels from Micro Fiber Madness & quality car care products from Car Pro are a winning combination.  It is what  Jay’s Detail is all about delivering quality results with quality car care.  This customer drove 2 hours from Laredo Texas to have his car detailed.  We were more than thrilled to detail one of these rare sports cars & judging by the smile on his face when he picked it up he was more than happy with the results.  Its finished results like this that make Jays Detail the true paint correction specialists in San Antonio Tx.  thanks for reading  Oh and before i forget my favorite picture of them all.

supra 065

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