2017 Dodge Hellcat Gets Ultimate New Car Prep Service

2017 Dodge Hellcat Gets Ultimate New Car Prep Service

We recently had the pleasure of working on this 2017 Dodge HellCat. This car is a boulevard bruiser and is bound to see its fair share of street fights. As a result, the owner wanted to ensure that it was ready for anything the road might throw at it. It was decided to treat this beauty to our Ultimate New Car Prep Service. This service involves a thorough cleaning, paint correction, surface protection and then a preservation process. Follow along as we take this vehicle through the steps.

The first thing we do when the car is delivered is a thorough cleaning. This includes using a clay bar to remove all contaminants from the paint. Although the car may be new, the paint has been collecting contaminants from the time it left the manufacturing facility until they delivered it to you. The time it spent on the dealer lot and the use of dealership wash techniques only make the problem worse. Although the car is new, this new Hellcat will need a lot of attention!

Once the car is cleaned and decontaminated with a clay bar, we start the paint correction process. This process will remove any sanding marks, haze marks and washing swirls.

After the paint is fully corrected, we prepare the car to get the paint protection film installed. To start, we remove all badging so that we can install the material underneath to avoid any seams. These badges will be replaced once the paint protection installation is complete.

Full fender install.

Full hood install.

Front bumper install.

Finally, we move on to the paint, glass and wheel protective coating by Cquartz. First, we remove the wheels and coat both the inside and outside surfaces. This will keep the wheel protected from brake dust and make the wheels much easier to keep clean. We also treat the brake calipers while the wheel is off to keep them looking factory fresh and not contaminated with brake dust.The wheels were removed to coat the entire wheel, wheel barrel and caliper for ease of maintenance.

Now, you can stand back and admire the hours of work in a completed vehicle  As you will see in the finished pic below, the end result is a stunning and now is a fully protected car.

You do not have to compromise the great looks of your vehicle to have vehicle protection. Check out our Ultimate New Car Prep Service. There is a difference in discount work and quality craftsmanship. When you want the very best, call the pros at Jay’s Detail at Call 210-863-1633 or email us at jaysdetail@gmail.com for your car detailing, paint protection, paint coating and window tinting needs.





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