Paint Correction & Ceramic Paint Coating for Three Competing Muscle Cars - Ceramic Paint Coating in San Antonio, Texas

Vehicle Paint Correction & Ceramic Paint Coating for Three Muscle Cars

These three cars have been doing battle for over 50 years. Although the Ford Mustang, Chevy Camaro and Dodge Challenger were originally considered “pony cars” they are now considered full blown muscle cars representing their particular brands. We just completed some correction and protection services on these three modern day versions of these models. These three cars all came wearing stunning black coats, but the owners of each wanted the paint to be fully corrected and then protected with a ceramic paint coating.

Our signature process ensures that these three vehicles will emerge from this service with paint that is near flawless and absolutely gleaming and full of depth in the finish. To keep them looking this way, we will fully protect the newly corrected finish with a durable ceramic paint coating. That’s a lot of work, so we need to get started. First step, a foam decontamination bath for all three.

The decontamination bath removes loose contaminants and gets the paint thoroughly clean. It is then ready to be inspected to determine what paint correction we will need to do to each vehicle. We also planned to do a full, wheel off cleaning and coating, so we work to remove any contamination on the wheels as well during this step.

The Dodge Challenger in particular also wanted a full 3M Ceramic Window Tint. We completed this before moving on to the paint correction phase. This new, innovative ceramic window tint from 3M brings you not only terrific looks, but industry leading heat and UV rejection as well. Best of all, it is backed by 3M which ensures that it will stay looking and performing for as long as you own you vehicle.

Before starting on the paint correction of the body, we remove the vehicle wheels and fully cleaned and decontaminated the wheel surfaces, inner wheel barrels and brake calipers. We also fully coat these surfaces with ceramic paint coating. This will enable these wheels and brake calipers to be easily kept clean from brake dust and road grime.

Paint Correction & Ceramic Paint Coating for Three Competing Muscle Cars 3

Now, the time is here. We proceed to fully correct the surfaces based on the inspection we completed earlier. We use our signature system to remove the defects and create a finish that you have to see to believe. You never knew your vehicle’s paint could look this good!

Paint Correction & Ceramic Paint Coating for Three Competing Muscle Cars 4

Once the correction is complete, we apply the ceramic paint coating to all exterior painted surfaces. This coating will help protect the surface from environmental damage as well as micro scratching that easily happens with unprotected paint. There is nothing else to say. Just look at the highlight video and pictures that follow to see how great these three muscle cars came out.

Paint Correction & Ceramic Paint Coating for Three Competing Muscle Cars 5

Paint Correction & Ceramic Paint Coating for Three Competing Muscle Cars 6

Paint Correction & Ceramic Paint Coating for Three Competing Muscle Cars 7

Hopefully you enjoyed this summary of the process of vehicle paint correction and ceramic paint coating we used on these three muscle cars. To see more projects like this, click HERE.

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