Ferrari 512TR Receives Multi-Step Vehicle Paint Correction Followed by CQuartz Finest

Ferrari 512TR Multi-Step Vehicle Paint Correction / CQuartz Finest

When this beautiful Ferrari 512TR arrived at Jay’s it only had a little over 5000 miles on the odometer. However, even though it had not accumulated many miles, years of storage, incorrect washing and cleaning, etc. had taken a toll on the paint. After a thorough cleaning, we carefully inspecting the paint to see what we would find.

Take a Look at the Condition of this Ferrari When it Arrived

After inspection, we concluded that this classic would get a full, multi-step vehicle paint correction followed by a protective coating of Cquartz Finest.

Check out the before / after pics of the multi-step vehicle paint correction

We think you will agree, that is quite the transformation! It should be noted that in order to properly correct the doors that we had to disassemble them so as to not damage the signature vent inserts. This is the level of detail that we go you at Jay’s.

After completely correcting the tired paint, we followed that with a protective coating of Cquartz Finest. The end results are stunning. Don’t take our word for it, look for yourself!

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