VW GTI & Paint Protection film.

The VW GTI MLVII  which is the leader in its competitive segment. A huge improvement over the MKVI in terms rigidity and road compliance.  This car is very cleverly tailored, which has a subtle and refined interior as well as exterior.  With that in mind,   this client wanted the full protection he could get to protect his investment.  We decided to cover the entire front clip of this car in Paint Protection Film.  Which includes a full hood, full fenders, bumper, headlights, A pillars, roof & rear trunk piece.  After a wash, decontamination process & polish job to remove some defects we were ready to start protecting this brand new car.

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Here is the application process of the full fenders first.VW TDI fender


We take this picture mid way to give you an idea of what it looks like mid install.   To get an idea of the squeegee process to remove any and all moisture is the key to a great intsall. VW TDI Fender2
Make sure to ask your Certified Installer for wrapped edges for a seamless install.  We wrap every paint protection film install we do.VW TDI fender wrap
The A pillars and roof get filmed as well to prevent debris that flys up at the top of the car.  It doesn’t hurt to get protected!

VW TDI A pillar
The roof piece with paint protection film. VW TDI Roof
Next up we started with the full hood before we move on to the bumper & other areas.VW TDI Hood
As you can see even though we are half way through the install the clarity on this film is phenomenal!VW GTI

The bumper processes pretty straight forward This kit is designed in 2 pieces which helps in any case if you ever damage a piece we can have another one installed in no time at all.


The luggage is a must for almost every car out there.  It provides protection against the damage you get when you mistakenly put a box or luggage on the bumper.  Now you can place items on the film instead of the paint and worry no more when you’re in a rush.


Once the paint protection film was applied we went a head and tinted the car with Suntek Carbon XP window film.  Our next generation carbon window tint.  Its non reflective, has carbon technology along with signal enabling technology.  Has no metals in it at all & comes with a lifetime warranty which is covered nation wide.  We opted for the 35% on the sides and 18% on the rear window.  Once the window film was complete we went ahead and applied a sealant to the paint & our customer was on their way.  Here are the after photos of the paint protection film and vehicle completed. Now this client can enjoy grocery getting or cruising the Texas hill country with out a care of rocks, road debris, bug guts or Texas heat.  let us do the worrying while you enjoy your car!


That trunk piece of film is invisible.VW TDI
VW TDI finished

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