Z06 Gets Full Cquartz Finest Treatment

The ZO6 is Chevrolet’s flagship Corvette since the early 60’s is highly sought after.  This one brought to us in Inferno Orange was a recent purchase for this owner.  His main focus was he wanted a car easy to maintain, looked good and he wanted to see what we could do wit the paint.  He came in and decided on a paint correction, wheels off cleaning and our Cquartz Finest Ceramic Paint Coating. 

As soon as the client arrived we got straight to work with our Decontamination wash.  Which includes a citrus based was to remove any existing silicone or waxes, then our Iron X treatment this product safely breaks down ferrous metallic contamination caused by automotive brakes, rail travel, and construction from delicate vehicle surfaces.

C6 Inferno Orange

Inferno C6
Inferno C6
The wheels receive the same treatment. 
C6 Zo6 wheel

After a couple of hours cleaning these, we decided to just remove the wheels and give them a deep cleaning and put them back on. Turns out the barrel was dirtier than we thought.

C6 wheel Iron x

While those were getting cleaned the attention turned to the calipers.

C6 calipers b4


C6 caliper after

 We move on to polishing the Inferno Orange Paint.  This vehicle is a little difficult to catch defects in it due to the high amount of metallic pigment in the paint.  It’s even harder to capture it on camera.  But this was as good as we could do. Here is a before shot.

C6 correction

Our multi stage correction will remove almost all of these defects, while still bringing out the depth in the paint.  Typically Chevrolet C6 paint has a very hard clear.  Which requires some skill, and is very time-consuming  to finish down perfectly.

C6 Inferno

As you can see where the light is its bright around the light then the pigment refracts a bunch of light just outside the ring of the light.  This for any detail can cause a ton of strain on the eyes when the metallic pigment reflects the light that spots defects.  This Paint Correction Process was done over the entire car consuming most of the day.  The back section took extra care and time to remove the tail lights and do a deep cleaning in there as well.

C6 Z06 rear

Tail lights removed for a hand polish in those tight areas while the rest of the rear bumper is corrected.

C6 tail light
C6 tail light Before we put them back on we apply Cquartz Finest on them for added durability.

Finished up.C6 Inferno

Getting in those tight areas with a 2″ polisher.
C6 door jamb
C6 Inferno Orange

With all the polishing finished up we are ready to coat. Car Pro’s Eraser and a MicroFiber Madness Towel. will remove polishing oils to give us a a proper bond with our Cquartz Finest Ceramic Paint Coating.

C6 Eraser

Cquartz Dlux gets applied to all exterior trim.

C6 Dlux

CQuartz FINEST is the most exclusive surface protection in the world!C6 Inferno Orange

Verify you installer is Finest Qualified by looking HEREC6 Inferno Orange

Our Infrared Curing lamps will help cure the coating.

C6 IR Lamp

After that process was complete we buttoned everything up, cleaned the engine, polished the wheels, dressed the tires then pulled it into the sun for some sun setting shots.

C6 Inferno Orange
C6 Zo6
Final shot.
C6 Inferno Orange 074

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